Diablo Platinum


@Pittinjury just wanted to let you know that I have started. Got 3 trophies today. Working this weekend though so you got time to catch up :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh crap! #hustle


Haha its on!


The hardest part will be the 6 classes to 70, other then that not too bad


I might have to get on this just so I can tell everyone I am good at video games


You’re welcome to man! The more the merrier.


Glad to join as well! Maybe I wont die on my hardcore characters! >:c


I heard about that… Drizz kept rubbing it in :wink:


Don’t listen to him, he’s lying…


Do you really think someone would do that, just go on the internet and tell lies?


Ummm… yes!


I’m catching up Drizz… 70 - 1, 60 - 1, and a 30 HC character that is blazing through it.


Lol I’ve been distracted by my comp I’ll have to get back on it

It's started coming!

oh, thats a good enough excuse! good for you! :wink:


Just so you know, I picked up three trophies today…


Don’t worry i’ll finish it this weekend :stuck_out_tongue: maybe lol


Oh dang!


Anyone get this yet? I just have the 500 bounties trophy left!


No, been distracted with work, my comp and now evolve lol… and damn already got the 6 level 70s?


Damn Burger, I’ve seen you grinding away at it. I burned out on my third 70. 500 bounties is no joke but that’s only a day or two away! Hit that finish line!