Dial it up to simpler times


Oh, 1995. I miss the raucous din of the dial-up modem and the booming voice letting me know that I had mail. It was simpler then.


AOL and CompuServe were long-distance calls from my county. I had to stick with local BBS’s.


Oh man… AOL… I used to love getting their free mini frisbees in the mail!


Oh god, so many of those damn things.


Heh… I was just looking at images of their CDs, and it was hilarious to see them getting more and more desperate…

Original AOL = 10 free hours
AOL 3.0 = 100 free hours
AOL 4.0 = 250 free hours
AOL 5.0 = 500 free hours
AOL 6.0 = 700 free hours
AOL 7.0 = 1000 free hours


AOL 10.0 - Please, just sign up


I was thinking about it this morning after watching this video: the internet is essentially the same as it was in 1995. Look at the interfaces and products in that demo video. There’s reading news, using keywords (search), chat, hubs for brands to do support and marketing, what else? It’s all the same!


I think there are a couple things…

Online banking, shopping, and media consumption (other than text articles) didn’t really exist back when that video was made… And neither did controlling devices via the internet…


I wonder if the number still works?


Uhh… I don’t think it does? I tried it just now… I get a prompt telling me that I dialed a National Marketing Number, and then it repeats the number to me twice. It then mentions that if I dialed the number correctly, please press 1 for an agent. At that point I hung up. It says nothing about AOL, nor does it identify what company it is.

/me hopes my number isn’t on some spam list now :fearful:


You were braver than me! I thought about it, but I get enough junk calls as it is.


AOL discs were coasters in my house for years. Funny you should mention AOL, just the other day I tried to access my aol account after a million years to see if my EQ account was still linked, but since there are no account retrieval methods I would have to call, waaayyy too lazy for that…


My siblings and I would collect them from Kroger’s checkout lanes until we had ~10-15 each then play Tron IRL.


Don’t forget Prodigy! The transition from BBS to AOL era.


literally hundreds of things…


That is amazing. Over 100 news outlets. Perfect.

I love this sound


I get my fill of nostalgia when I fax stuff at work now, sounds about the same lol


The fact that fax machines aren’t dead and gone blows my mind.


My mind is blown as well.


I literally just faxed out a document last week. They’re still alive and kicking…