Digital downloads killed 150 GameStop stores


GameStop bought ThinkGeek and my assumption was they would pivot to being a gaming fandom type store rather than a video game retailer. We’ve discussed this here on discord and mumble over the years.

This doesn’t seem to be happening or it’s not happening fast enough. I’m concerned that if GameStop doesn’t pivot soon they won’t be able to recover. Their value is closely tied to having many physical footprints around the country. They need to find a way to leverage that as soon as possible while breaking dependences on actual game sales.


The locations of the stores to be closed were not given.

I’m curious to know if these stores can be found in large cities, where high bandwidth internet services are more likely. In rural locations, where max download speeds are in the 15Mbps range, Gamestop might be ok.


As far as being a game-fandom store, hastings tried something similar much earlier in their death throws and it still didn’t work out for them. I think GS made a half-assed attempt at shifting with that underwater game, maybe they’ll try something else. The demand for used game stores is not going to disappear, non-franchised trade stores will get more business when demand gets too low to support GameStop’s infrastructure. I’m just sad because those kinds of stores normally only trade, they don’t sell alot of new stuff. Guess it’s Walmart or Best Buy for new toys :frowning:


That’s really interesting. I’d like to see that as well. Especially in places where metered internet usage is more common.


My small town Gamestop closed a little over a year ago. Don’t know the specific reason as they were doing fairly well.


Yeah, but y’all have inexpensive fiber up there; between that and a the smaller population I’m not surprised.


I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was all digital games that killed 150 stores…its also the fact that gamestop has been raping people and unwilling to change their ways. I’ve read so many horror stories all over the internet about them and although I do like going into my local gamestop, I realize that my local gamestop is rare and a majority of them suck.


That’s the conflict for me. Whenever I’m at the mall I always stop into the Gamestop. It’s basically just to be around games. When I worked in the city, I would walk by Gamestop on Market Street every day and always stop in just to browse and talk games.

Unfortunately, this aspect of having a physical store seems marred by the fact that the buying experience sucks. How can they tackle this? It’s a really interesting question.

If we look at the history of the Apple Store, we see that they started with browsing experience first (play games, touch devices, listen to music, goof off on the cameras). Conversely, in the years I’ve frequented GameStop stores, I’ve noticed that they have actually removed a lot of the “just go and hang out” experiences. I can only assume they found that people were going in but not buying. I think this was a serious mistake as evidenced by where Apple Store is today.


The reality is that the world is making the transition to digital and it might be time for Gamestop to bail out before it gets worse.

When’s the last time you bought one of those fancy CDs for your music?


The gamestop at the mall by me is just bad. I refuse to go there because the people there are not only annoying to talk to, they dont know shit. I was confused about the joycons from the nintendo switch and how they actually charge (i thought it came with the joy con grip that charges, it doesnt) and someone there literally…I kid you not…told me they charge wirelessly while the switch is docked. So just to make sure she understood what she was saying, I said “you mean to tell me that while I’m on the couch with the joycons and my switch is docked 8 ft away from me, it’s still charging the joycons?”…she replied with yes, they charge wirelessly. lololol I couldn’t help myself and I laughed really hard on the phone. She handed the phone to someone else then. Neither of them could give me a clear answer on the question I had. My issue was I thought the lights on the joycons were the battery level, but they are the player number. lolol