Ding 50 /played



Btw i was questing with this guy from Grievance Gaming. Idk what the guild is like but he was pretty cool. Alliance?

How long does it take to reach the level cap?

Congratulations, friend!


Ahh you beat me by a little. I was 4 days 2 hours. Too much crafting and home building I guess.

I saw that guy you were questing with. I must’ve been just ahead of you in each zone. That guy kept entering the area as I was leaving it.


Gratz my friend! More 50s! We have 8 as of this AM.


2 days 12 hours here


That’s awesome @Klutch, very efficient


Nobody was on mumble or the game to celebrate with :cry:

Just under 8 days, LIKE A BAUS!


Congrats @Auth!


Congrats man!


Yeah. Congratz @Auth. I claim you as my own personal pocket healer.


grats Auth!