Discord Channel Structure or Should The Division Get a Separate Channel


There’s been a lot of questions and suggestions of late about our Discord server and the way it’s currently implemented. First and foremost, we want to make it clear that we still stand firmly by our decisions and justifications surrounding voice chat:

However, we’ve been getting more and more requests to add additional channels of varying sorts to Discord, most recently from some players of The Division to add a specific channel for the title. Our Discord server sprang up out of a community request last year to have something more chat-like available than the forums. As we stated when we created the Discord server:

This has always been the purpose/vision of Discord in Strats as we have a great forum base that’s much-better suited to ongoing or deeper discussion on various things. These discussions provide more metrics for search engines like Google which help drive traffic to the community, thus bolstering recruitment, and are easily-revisited after some time has passed. Discord, due to its nature, does not allow for any of this, which is why we always seem so keen to have good discussion about games, gear, and pretty much everything else on the forums; we want Discord to supplement all the awesomeness going on in Strats, not absorb it.

With all this in mind, the Strats leadership would like to hear some thoughts from Strategists about the possibility of opening up game-specific channels on Discord.

  • How might this impact (for better or worse) forum traffic?
  • What benefits would this afford a specific game or topic that aren’t already available through the forums and/or the current Discord setup?
  • Is there so much discussion in the current Discord channels that it’s impossible to chat about a specific game or topic?
  • How should we go about determining what games or topics do and don’t qualify for a Discord channel?
  • How would we determine when to shut down a channel that’s no longer being used?

We want this place called Strats to serve its community as best it can, so drop us some feedback :wink:

Community Manager

Just an FYI: we’re going to let this discussion continue over the weekend and get as much feedback as possible before making any decisions.

Edit 2:
Remember we’re talking about a much more macro situation than just The Division in this thread, but using it as a specific, timely scenario to work from. By establishing some kind of precedent based on these discussions regarding a single title, we’re actually examining the ramifications of establishing the expectation that this is viable for any game in the future here at Strats. Sure, right now the discussion is largely centered around The Division, but the implications are far further reaching and lasting than that.



Sorry, this kind of got away from me…this is my first novel. :blush:

I have some valid points on why to open up a Discord channel for The Division. I’m not really going to point out a reason as to why we should have channels for individual games (although I think it might be beneficial), but I can provide clear reasons why I it is a must when it comes to the PS4 portion of our Division clan.

I will say however, the strats.co channel can already become flooded with conversation. Not always, but I have seen it go by at 100mph before.

I get what you are saying here, and you explained this to us in our one meeting, and I agreed with you. Although as time went on, I realized something…we already have a PSN Messages group chat that we use. So technically what you already fear happening in Discord could already happen within our group chat on PSN (which cannot be destroyed btw). There has been times where someone has said something and I mentioned how they should make a forum post about it, prime example is when someone made a youtube video of some strats gameplay and posted it in psn messages, I told them they should make a forum post about it as it was awesome! They did, and it can be found here and here. So in reality, the conversations are already going on in PSN Messages, we just want it moved to discord.

Reasons why PSN Messages is not practical:

  • Every user gets an alert message on their phone or console any time someone adds a message in the chat. Picture every message in Discord alerting you on your phone or pc!!! It would be a nightmare.

  • You can’t ping just one individual from within the chat (see above bullet)

  • Because of what is stated in the first bullet you are left with two options, 1) Turn notifications off on your phone, but then you will miss ALL messages sent to your psn, or 2) Leave it on and it kills your phones battery throughout the day (sometimes my phone would just vibrate for 5 min straight). This to me is just not an acceptable form of communication.

  • I think this is the most important one: There is no option to boot anyone from the chat and anyone can add anyone else to the chat.

I’m fine with there being no voice comms on Discord to be honest, I know how to use mumble and it works just fine. I doubt the PS4 players in our clan will ever need to use mumble or even want to for that matter. Some have expressed how they would like the ability to have the comms though for chat outside of PSN. Basically just a voice chat to shoot the shit while at work or not gaming.

Now to answer some of your questions:

Like I said above (and im speaking strictly in terms of the PS4 players), we already have a chat so this wouldn’t have an impact on the forums. I would suggest for people to make forum posts on discord as I would on PSN Messages. I’m almost positive if it is some information that is new about a game, or something that will help the clan as a whole…I myself or someone else is already probably creating a post about it. That type of conversation is best for the forums as we previously talked about.

Everything I stated above. Discord is also a very good tool for alerting people of updates. I plan on making a weekly Division update post with information from our meetings and also information from the developers of the game. Not everyone visits the forums as much as say me or you, so using Discord would be a great way to post the forum link to our weekly Division update thread.

Sometimes there is, so yes. Other times it is just dead. Just the fact that it could happen would be enough for me to want a separate channel. Another thing to think about is…not everyone is interested in talking in the strats.co channel. I can name at least 3 people who didn’t want to even join in on Discord because at the time people were talking about PC gaming and other PC stuff and they were just completely turned off by it. I don’t really understand it, but the point is that there is currently no reason for them to use Discord as there isn’t a discussion channel that interests them. Yea talk about the division could happen in strats.co, but also other “general” discussion could happen. Example: a newer person in our clan came in talking about playing on PS4 and someone swiftly swooped in with the “PC master race” talk and I got a message saying “who the ef are these people and whats up with the whole pc master race shit?”. That shouldn’t happen in a dedicated game channel.

I’m not entirely sure here. I mean you could create a Fallout channel dedicated for fallout discussion, but I would say that doesn’t really apply as there isn’t much discussion about that game happening at the moment. The Division however, atm, has a TON of conversation going on. Even after the game came out! So maybe it could be based off of how big our clan is for a certain game? Not entirely sure here on what to suggest. I can state however I would be more than happy to manage said channel to make sure that there is no outsiders who came in. I’m sure some of the other officers for The Division would be able to assist in “inventory” as well. [quote=“Auth, post:1, topic:10639”]
How would we determine when to shut down a channel that’s no longer being used?

When it is just completely dead. I’ve been a part of other community’s before and usually if there is no talk for 1 month the chat gets archived. I’m not sure if Discord has this ability yet, but I would think even deleting and reinstating a channel (say for The Division 2), wouldn’t be very difficult.


I need some way to communicate with the PS4 section of our clan. having to go 5 different places to do that is not practical to me. having our own channel will allow the PC guys and the PS4 guys to communicate freely and get to know one another. I understand that you all want forum traffic but some of the PS4 guys dont use a PC and to be honest navigating and posting from a tiny mobile is a pain in the ass. If you are worried about public people coming in then make me an op or admin for just that channel…ive seen other discord channels have multiple user levels so it is an option…and i will be the channel police. i just dont want the PS4 clan to feel seperate from the other sections. You all know me…i am a forum troll all day long and in discord all day long…but i cant be in a PS4 group chat on the pc and i feel that a Division channel would be the perfect place for us to hang out and talk shop.


I still consider myself the new guy here, so take everything I have with a grain of salt, but figured I’d throw a couple cents plus GST in (which rounds to a nickel as we don’t have pennies here anymore):

As someone who’s part of a few general gaming communities on Discord, it seems to me that as every title gets a channel, the actual conversation either disappears or evolves. Sure, as the title is the flavour of the moment there’s a need, but it always seems to fade away. As the conversation slows, people still wanting to talk start to take that same conversation into the other channels… and eventually you have a dozen general chat channels.

Here’s where I think the compromise between the two worlds might exists - instead of creating channels for individual titles, why not start with channels specific to the device type?

While I tend to use my PS4 for all my gaming (and I’d be the first to say I don’t understand half the PC chatter I see), I don’t mind the general chatter we see yet do find the whole “master race” convo to be no different than the debate over Coke & Pepsi (Coke by far is better, but I digress). Having a little segregation by device could help filter some of that chatter around and still allow people to mute channels they are truly not interested in.

Back to this point, to me the forum is where I go to find all the tips/tricks/conversations and everything that people want to have with the broader audience. Discord is where I go to have a quick chat with someone as I pass through While there are probably a few conversations that could be better served being had here, maybe that’s where people can get the polite nudge that it’s a topic that could be of interest to more than the few who see it in real time? Just a thought.

Lastly - Mumble. I’ve jumped into the Mumble server a few times, but as a natural introvert I’m actually quite anxious to speak up. While this might be in contrast to who I am when behind a keyboard, I actually like the flexibility of being able to chat in real time when there’s something to say.

Anywho… just a few thoughts.


I actually really enjoy being a part of this group. It’s really well put together and efficiently ran. I’ve expressed this to people. Between Duck and Droul I feel see both sides pain and see where they are coming from. I try to partake in the chatter that goes on in the discord channel. But, when I have attempted to converse on the channel it tends to get flooded through out the day…I can’t sit at my desk at work and rifle through 50+ messages to see if anyone has responded. Duck said everything I was looking to express. He hit every point I was going to make (and well at that might I add). We all have expressed our opinions on the psn app to Duck he took what we said and brought up our issues in the meeting not long ago. I can defiantly relate to not feeling connected to the group as going between 2 different apps on a moblie phone is not ideal at all…discord I can use on my phone or at work (less conspicuous than looking through my phone with my head down) saves me from getting my ass reemed by the boss. Will also save my battery on my phone, as I will not be getting notifications from both apps (chaps my ads to no end)…I thank you for your time and consideration for this addition.

Aka WizzleMizzle


I have never used discord, but I am game for anything besides the PS4 group messaging we have going on now. Having a new message notification pop up right over my mini map every 3 seconds becomes a distraction. I turned my notifications off and now I have to hit the home button to see if there are any new messages. It definitely keeps me separated. I can easily go mobile if that is how discord will work for checking messages. Thanks


I don’t think adding another channel to Discord would affect the forums at all honestly. I go to Discord for general chit chat while I’m out and about which I wouldn’t be able to do if we only had forums. The only way the forums could go is up in my opinion. Someone joins Strats for a specific game, they play consoles but hates the messenger services there, downloads Discord app, easy convo access. They’d inevitably end up in the middle of Strats oriented convos and go to the forums for this or that. Bam more traffic.

What I do think would happen is that the overall clutter of conversations in Discord would be more focused and video game discussions could be had without getting in the way of someone else who’s either talking about their day or sharing random videos and such. It becomes a pain when you attempt to find what you’re interested in as opposed to something that has nothing to do with you or which you aren’t interested in.

Frankly it’s been getting there with the releases of Black Desert Online and The Division and it’ll get worse with so many new games coming out and people joining. It’s not terrible just yet but it’s almost becoming unwieldy.

Perhaps a simple flavor of the month deal. There are games people play ALL the time and then there are games that people play because it’s new and enjoyable. I think the game kind of needs either constant attention for a long period of time or is a game that has alot of people’s attention at once and it can be deleted if that attention dies down.

When people either stop using the channel, or the channel has too few amount of people. However that’s tricky without either someone’s feelings getting hurt or just someone feeling that the game they play is still relevant.


It can be very frustrating having your phone go off all day and all night with notifications while using the PSN app. Also, while in game the notifications cover the mini map. I don’t want to turn then completely off because I might miss an important message. A lot of what I see on Strats doesn’t really apply to me. It would be nice to have a specific channel for the division because I won’t have to waste time sifting through every single message. Thanks.


At the moment I would really recommend that Strat create more channels for gaming platforms. I use Discord but I really don’t find myself conversating in the app because the conversations aren’t about things that I want to talk about, like PC gaming and other such stuff so I always find myself jumping over to the PS app and using that more frequently. It does get annoying having so many notifications but I feel like it’s the best way to communicate with the people I want to talk to, not hating on everyone else, so please create more Channels I wouldn’t go as to far create game specific channels but at least platform channels.


I say go for it.

If having a channel specific to a game helps people feel more welcomed into Strats, then why not.

Regarding The Division, the PSN chat room is impossible to moderate and potentially encouraging toxicity. Discord at least allows you to create a group with special permissions to actually moderate one channel, allowing the officers of The Division to be officers, not just titles.

Once the hype train derails, and Strats abandons the game for greener pastures, so too dies the channel.


I also think it would create more traffic to the forums. Alot of the PS4 guys don’t frequent the forums that much.


Here to echo what other people have said and add my 2 cents.

I want to start by saying that an impromptu conversation is not a forum post and should not be seen as a lost forum conversation. It is a take and go and is more meant to anchor a person to the community than to lead to insightful discussion.

If we start using Discord more aggressively it could certainly lead to a membership driver for the forums.

Discord could be a great place to point new prospects. It shows them the style of community we are and gives them instant feedback without telling them to go search the forums or “Look around”.

Since Discord is multi-platform, it allows us to maintain connections with users beyond the site. I think you all are reading Discord as a conversion device when it is really more of a retention device that has the ability to convert.

Depending on the situation, active participation in a new release channel could bolster the community and lead to conversions at a pretty good rate.

I mean think of joining a conversation with people who all are thinking along the same line and then checking out the other rooms and seeing that your interests are aligned in more than one facet.

If you are recruiting people for #hack would you show them #stco chat during pokemon hour? (maybe tommy should be the one to answer this one since I think you have like 4 DS’ and 8 copies of Pokemon)

I would think that if you want to recruit a person for a new / current game you would want them to see a channel full of the thing they are interested in and then possibly branch from there.

As a side-bar…Discord really needs to be on the top of the forums, could even point http://strats.co/discord to a perma-gen landing channel. I firmly believe that this will assist in member retention while having the unfortunate side effect of requiring more administration.

This is pretty easy to answer.

If the platform has an officer / leadership layout, give them the option of a text channel and the ability to create a voice channel. The officers of said group would have the ability to remove the channels under their control and that would be it.

As a side-bar…Open up voice chat.

Why? Because discord is an open platform and if you keep it locked down people just go other places or create their own servers and be that much closer to having a foot out the door.

My personal preference would be to allow any member who has reached “Regular” or higher to create their own channels because, as a regular member, you know the person and they should have enough reputation within the community to act within the community guidelines.

You could even add a stipulation that user-created rooms must bear the name of the person creating the room.

This would not be hard to accomplish and could happen without handing out the keys to the server.

Set a rule, if the channel has not seen activity in the last X days the channel will be reviewed for deletion.

I honestly think the criteria for channel deletion will be pretty evident to leadership. If a platform collapses you will know way before the channel reaches the allotted time.


I am just getting back from vacation and have missed a bunch including the launch of the division (FML) but i agree that a separate discord channel would be beneficial everyone involved. Short and sweet. We can’t maximize our ps4 involvement with the messenger or the current discord as it is. Thanks for the consideration.

  1. Will have a good impact. Having a dedicated place for X game will encourage people to actually join StratsCO discord server. As now they can find a place where the only topic is this X game. And since most of us (regulars) will set as an example and encourage people to post on the forums the findings / tips / etc, that will generate traffic for the web site.

  2. Interaction, human behavior. My point being; Most of us like that feeling of live chat, we type something and cant wait to have an answer. The forums have a setup for that but, there is always that itch to get on chatting with your fellow team mates.

  3. Yes! Overall sometimes its pretty hard to keep track and stay on topic. At least for me. Having a place where everyone only talks about “how awesome i am” just feels right. If you want to talk about something else, you are just a click/tap away.

  4. By Request. Say a minimum of 12 people is required to be active for the channel they want created. This is just an idea and may need some more work / though.

  5. Maybe pointing a MOD for New created channels would make this easy. No one better than him will know if there is no enough activity to shut down the channel.


When if creating new channels; Someone that is active on discord and is willing to should be assigned as a mod. Will help StratsCO keep the awesome community as we have it, awesome!!

Since The Division is what most of us currently play more than other games, we will give it a trial run, see how it goes, check traffic and so on. I dont think it will hurt at all.

//xploz1on out