Discord dropdown in the menu



Added a dropdown for easier access to Discord in the top right. If something comes up, post da #strats:bugs. Once there’s a icon update from upstream we’ll have the right icon there. Soon™



Update: Works on mobile now too (though just links directly)


I assume iterations are ongoing as I was briefly greeted by this beauty a few moments ago
bug or feature


Ok, I should say that I’m wroking on stuff right now. Disregard everything for an hour or so.


Ok, resume testing.



This is pretty nifty. Special Vocino codesauce to make this happen?


Basically just an embed:


<script>Discourse._registerPluginCode('0.8.9', function (api) {
  api.decorateWidget('header-icons:before', function (helper) {
    return helper.h('li.dropdown#chat', [helper.h('button.dropdown-toggle#chat-button.icon', {
      'attributes': {
        "type": "button",
        "data-toggle": "dropdown",
        "title": "strats discord"
      } }, helper.h('i.fa.fa-comments-o.chat-button-icon.d-icon')), helper.h('ul.dropdown-menu#chat', [helper.h('li', [helper.h('iframe', {
        "src": 'https://discordapp.com/widget?id=[***]&theme=dark', 
        "width": "350",
        "height": "500",
        "allowtransparency": "true",
        "frameborder": "0",
        "id": "chatwidget",
        "name": "chatwidget"


  function reloadIFrame() {
    var disc = document.getElementById("chatwidget");
    if (disc) {
  window.setInterval("reloadIFrame();", 90000);

</head> (Mobile)

<script>Discourse._registerPluginCode('0.8.9', function (api) {
  api.decorateWidget('header-icons:before', function (helper) {
    return helper.h('li', [helper.h('a#chatd-button', {
      "href": 'https://discord.gg/WpYhTf8',
      "title": 'discord chat',
      "target": '_blank'
    }, helper.h('i.fa.fa-comments-o.chat-button-icon'