Discord Preview Ignores Spoiler Tag


Not really a bug with the forum, but it appears that the bot that pulls the posts into Discord totally ignores the spoiler tag. Is there a means to fix this? Or just a thorn in the side we’ll need to work around?


It would take a lot to prevent this. The spoiler tag is JavaScript “above” the text or images. We can’t remove what’s inside the spoiler tags altogether for some things and not others since everything uses the same JSON data to render. (Add .json to the end of any URL)


Would there be a somewhat manual means to opt out of sharing? Like a check box or something here on the forum?


Or another possiblity - Could we have a spoilers category which does not send notifications to Discord, Facebook, etc?


I don’t think adding another category is going to have the greatest effect, honestly. The simple solution for Discord is to disable the “Embed Links” permission for the bot that handles the posting. This will remove the preview the bot posts, meaning only the thread’s title and hyperlink will be displayed in Discord.

I’m disabling this setting for the AI Role, @Vocino; feel free to change it back if it breaks something :wink:


OK, after a couple experiments I now understand what needs to change, but it has to wait until @Vocino gets back from vacation so I can pick his brain to ensure I don’t break everything in the process (slightly more complicated than originally thought).