Discord Suggestions / Requests



Just wanted to make a topic for some bot feature requests if we want to expand into discord.

General Housekeeping:

Welcome channel:

  • Set up a welcome channel so people can authenticate within discord.

  • Users who are not authenticated have Guest Permissions (just permission to view the welcome channel with “How To” information).

Enables us to push people to the forums to create accounts, maintain membership levels and automate administration of the server.

AFK Channel

  • Enable the AFK channel
  • Set an AFK timer

The reason for this is to prune channels that aren’t being actively used.

Feature Additions:

Channel creation:

  • “~new channel”
  • Creates a channel bearing the creators name, which can be changed by them and admins.
  • Inherits permissions for ops.
  • Gives permissions to channel creator to moderate their channel:

Channel Creator:

General Pleb:

  • Delete channel after a certain time of 0 Activity (After all people leave the channel).


The ability to manage permissions doesn’t appear to have a hierarchy system (Owner>All NOT Owner>Admin>User>Guest) a person who has the ability to manage their channel permissions can manage them completely ASIDE from owner.

100% do not give this power away as it allows a person to modify too much and could possibly require owner access to correct.

Being that said:

Mute and deafen members allow for a channel owner to serverwide mute and deafen anyone within their channel.

This could be used in a malicious manner but if we limit channel creator to regular members on the forum, or at least registered members this shouldn’t be an issue more than it already is in mumble.

The Mute and Deafen can be removed by another channel creator within another channel or by someone with all channel permissions (In our case, OPs or server owner).

Voice Activity I perma disable. This option allows for a person or group to use voice activation, if it is disabled anyone trying to talk in the channel will be perma muted by the server until the enable Push-to-talk.

Everything else is pretty apparent in its usage and effect.