Discourse 101


I made a quick video to help get new users familiarized with Discourse. Hope you enjoy!

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Oh well that’s cool hah, thanks for putting this together.


great vid. I’ve got tons of experience setting up and maintaining php based forums and discourse blows them all away by far. i can’t get over how well it is laid out and how well it runs. thanks for putting this together, i definitely learned a couple little tricks.


Thanks for this! I’m actually really excited to get my hands on a Discourse forum; haven’t had an opportunity to post in one until now. Discourse was something that was recommended to us last year when we were starting up the GW2 server site, and we didn’t go with it, but I wish we had now that I’m seeing it in action. :frowning: BBPress is… ugh.


BBPress and WordPress can be extensible platforms but even if you heavily customize them, you’re married to php and WordPress’s ~things~. Though that’s probably better if you’re not wanting to be building custom tools around its infrastructure.


My boyfriend is planning to fiddle with Discourse when he gets the chance. It may not ever materialize on our site, for various reasons, but he also really likes Discourse and would like to try it out.

You don’t know how amazing it is to have a preview post feature. No, BBPress doesn’t have that. Why would it have something so basic and integral to all forum software? Don’t be silly.


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