Discussion about New User Education


I want to share what we send to new users that sign up here and ask you guys for feedback about what we should be communicating.


Hello, I’m the Community Manager here on the Strats forum. We originally built this place because we wanted to stick together as we moved from game to game. When you find a group of mature like-minded gamers that you enjoy playing with, it sucks to lose touch when a new game comes out.

I hope you find a home here. If you have any questions, just make a post! No one will ever fault you for throwing something up. Don’t worry about getting it right away.

Here are a couple things to get you started:

Things to do as a new user

New users are somewhat limited for safety reasons. As you participate here, you’ll gain the trust of the community, become a full citizen, and those limitations will automatically be removed. At a high enough trust level, you’ll gain even more abilities to help us manage our community together.

  1. Change your avatar to something cool that represents your personality.

  2. Change your username, if you want to. You have 3 days from signup to change it. Your username here on the Strats forum doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as your PSN, Steam, or any other username. It should be something you want to be known as here.

  3. Post a friendly introduction and tell people about yourself. Don’t be shy, our members are cool and we’ll welcome you to the community. Your post there will help others that share common interests connect with you.

  4. Join us in Mumble, Discord, or one of the other networks (there are Strategists on almost all of them).

About your account

  • You start out at Level 0 unless you were invited by a trusted member. Don’t sweat it, it’s just about getting to know you.

  • Gaining levels is easy and effortless—simply use the forum and it happens automatically. Check out this post for a complete explanation.

  • You can always change your email address. We hate spam as much as you do!

  • If you were invited by someone, we create an account for you automatically, so you should be sure to set a password.

Let me know if you have any questions or need help finding anything at Strats. I hope you enjoy your stay!



Official Strats Discord Information

New User Education: First Topics

Welcome to Strats — thanks for starting a new conversation!

Don’t worry too much about making the perfect first post. It’s cool, just throw something up here for now and get your feet wet. We will help categorize it if needed.

This panel will only appear for your first %{education_posts_text}.


New User Education: First Replies

Welcome to Strats — thanks for contributing!

  • Be kind to your fellow community members.

  • Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people.

This panel will only appear for your first %{education_posts_text}.


Maybe we can help define that uncategorized is “everything gaming” or something like that?


Made some edits to the New User Guidance PM that gets sent out. It’s also now going to be sent out from my user account (working on rotating it among moderators).


I like it! Very personal and conversational.


I like it, adds more of a personal touch.


On this point, I always liked the “General” category better than "Uncategorized"
No real reasoning behind it, thems just mah feels.

Edit: Now that I think about it, I guess I don’t like not seeing the little Category tag on the post.


For what it’s worth, the description on the categories list page is indeed:

General gaming topics that don’t need a category, or don’t fit into any other existing category.


Not really an addition, but thanks for taking the time to actually on board new users. It’s a great first step and good for making folks feel welcome.


Thanks! If you have any suggestions or feedback on the copy, please let us know.




I’ve reopened this and made some additional edits to the new user PM. It currently comes from @Auth (as the community manager) automatically to new users.

I shortened it quite a bit but I think it could be even shorter.