Discussion: Destiny Name Swap Playstation



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Destiny Name Swap Playstation
Destiny Name Swap Playstation

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is there a comprehensive list that shows what time zone users are in?


Not that I’m aware of. There had been another thread going over here where several people were discussing it, but the vast majority didn’t weigh in. I’ve found I can just hop on and find 20+ people on my friends list playing Destiny at any given time. Alternatively, you could make a post in the LFG category to try and get something going for a specific day or time zone.

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We should consider making the PSN swap (and other name swap threads) wiki posts so that people can edit the OP and add themselves to the list. That way no one person has to constantly keep it updated as people reply.


I actually prefer it as is so we don’t have to worry about a surprise griefer or accidental error that makes a mess of it.


Can we reverse edits in a wiki if need be?


The thing is, that’s just as tedious as manually adding people IMO


You have to be a regular to edit wiki posts. There isn’t extensive wiki functions with history and all that stuff.


You can recover the lost information as all the edits are saved (this is true for all posts actually), however it’s not as easy as a “reverse this” button.


That would be so nice, cuase I have been behind since release. Thanks to @Auth, it’s been updated. Cause I’m kinda busy at the moment. :frowning:


I’m willing to help out with the wiki article to help maintain it and such… if you opt for it of course.


I think we should go for it. If someone wants to be a dick and delete it, we can simply revert it from the history and do mean things to them.


Can you get there passwords and take their accounts and stuff? I mean REALLY fuck um up… Maybe thats to much…