Discussion: Weekly Recruitment (12 Sep)

All discussion concerning this week’s recruitment thread should take place here please :wink:

There are too many recruitment threads. I have been using the one @Vocino set up cause it seems more organized

I made that to have a list of places to make posts for these recruitment threads that Auth does, not to post the actual links as those change regularly.

Thnks man, I got excited

The reason we put one up weekly is so we can refresh the reddit posts and such (most of the subreddits only allow you to post recruitment once a week. By posting new ones each week we end up much closer to the frontpage of each subreddit during the weekend than if we had just a single post). This also makes sure the recruitment thread is at the top of the main feed on our website so it’s easier for everyone (especially the week’s new users) to find. Additionally, it serves as a reminder for everyone to post their recruitment messages. Likewise, it makes it easier for our community members to know when the latest and greatest recruitment messages have gone up rather than checking a single, static thread for edits/updates.

Lastly, the one you’re posting in is in the Lounge; the vast majority of our users can’t see that area yet as they haven’t elevated to “Regular User;” you’re losing out on potentially-interested parties.