Discussion: Weekly Recruitment (14 Nov)

All discussion concerning this week’s recruitment thread should take place here please :wink:

I don’t think you can ever say that in the same context again…

No, you’ve only just started understanding the context I’ve always used it in :wink:

♫ Hold, hold up
Didn’t I just give you money to go get your hair
Toes and nails done the other day, hmm?
Yeah, your ass was smilin’ then, real talk

♫ Bitch I wish you wooooooould burn all my motherfuckin’
real talk

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Is it appropriate to post social links in your thread that can be retweeted, shared, and/or liked?

I don’t understand the question…

I have posted on our Twitter and Facebook pages about key events. While these platforms don’t have “up vote” and “down vote” but they do have action that will boost the visibility of the post in a similar way.

The question to you is, should I post something like that in your thread to be retweeted, shared, etc

Absolutely! If it’s something that can get more attention/etc. from interaction, by all means. It’s not overly pertinent to have things like guild posts on official forums because there’s nothing we could do to it except bump it (which is usually against the rules), but other posts that get more attention or can be shared across social media should definitely get posted :wink:

Why does no one upvote the Archeage recruitment posts? @Wheatums is so sad right now :sob:
… we’re still on the front page though…

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I just did it! I’m sorry!

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I’m happy again :bowtie: !!!

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I help float that boat every week @Wheatums :wink:

Edit: just checked the situation, you’re sitting at #2 on r/ArcheAgeGuilds on my screen :wink:


I’ve been out of pocket on these as well. Usually I upboat all the things but haven’t had a chance.

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