Discussion: Weekly Recruitment (16 Jan)

All discussion concerning this week’s recruitment thread should take place here please :wink:

Holy shit. A recruitment thread. Like old times! Now we just need actual recruitment posts to promote inside the thread.

Something something holidays/distracted :wink:

I put the Destiny Post up in r/Fireteams http://www.reddit.com/r/Fireteams/
search Strats within the subreddit and then filter by new should be easy to find

Thanks guys and gals


Wrong thread.

I don’t think @spredhed knows how to get the right link to post. I’m on my phone, so I can’t get it. :frowning:

It’s linked in the OP here but here it is:


Sorry I mean he didn’t have the reddit search option to make our members up votes count. He’s not sure how to link the HTML code correctly.

Ok so post for upvotes in the weekly recruitment NOT the discussion
I think I got it

Thanks for the catch. Deleted and will re-post with correction in 7 min, Corrections made.


Im all for it. Im looking for a startup clan for shooters like call of duty or halo. But i dont have anybody i can really trust to actually follow through with this. ive been inspired by watching optic and nadeshot and the closeness they have. So i wanted that to. Id like a group with mics for co operation and teamwork and please people have an xbox.one.

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Your looking for @Espaceman. He is on Xbone.

Hello @Twiztidryda3, this thread is more for our members’ individual recruiting efforts and getting support for those efforts from other members. We are a bit PlayStation heavy right now but I would love to see some people push the Xbox front. Maybe that’s you!