Discussion: Weekly Recruitment (3 Oct)


All discussion concerning this week’s recruitment thread should take place here please :wink:

Weekly Recruitment (3 Oct)

Auuuuutttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhh can youput my thing up? I’m in another state and won’t be back until late. Please please please! Ilk be your best friend​:grin::kissing_heart:


I gotcha :wink:


It’s not currently showing; it may have been caught by a spam filter or there might be a delay before it shows. In any instance, I would check with someone else and have them prepared to throw the post up in your stead, just in case.


Fireteams is in spam.


I’m getting really sick of things ending up in spam despite conforming to appropriate guidelines. I haven’t posted to r/Fireteams in over 2 weeks; there’s no reason I should be in spam. I’m wondering if I got a shadow-ban in that subreddit?


Reddit has a spam section?!

EDIT: With more picture support now.


Wrong account, @GuardianX :wink:


Ahh, didn’t know you were recruiting from multiple accounts. Still didn’t know there was a spam folder.


Nah, I’ve moved recruitment over to u/Auth_Strats cuz it looks all offiicial and stuff :wink:


Also note that you can still see posts in a user’s history. The spam filters are subreddit specific.


@Madik, I could not find it…


On that note, I’ve reached out to the r/Fireteams mods to figure out why my post is in the spam filter. Depending on how it plays out, I’m going to do the same with other subreddits with either the same or a completely different approach; stay tuned for details :wink: