Discussion: Weekly Recruitment (8 May)


All discussion concerning this week’s recruitment thread should take place here please :wink:

Weekly Recruitment (8 May)

The ESO Guilds post was caught in spam or something

Sidenote: I still hate this separate discussion thread system. ping @Wheatums


I think it should be view-able now


No “strats” posts in the past week: http://www.reddit.com/r/ESOGuilds/search?q=strats&restrict_sr=on&t=week


I have no idea, just reposted: http://www.reddit.com/r/ESOGuilds/new/


Reposting is the opposite of what you want to do if your posts are getting caught in spam. It’s not in /new of course. It’s in spam =/


Gahh, how would it be caught in spam?
[Edit] I am able to still find the new post at the top of new.


There are a number of complicated factors but in general it’s likely you don’t have very much karma or varied karma.

You can always see your own posts.


Moved these threads to the Strats category since pinned in General has no meaning really.


Yeah link karma: 8 and comment karma: 41 maybe someone else should make the post.


Both the guild post and the comment in the guild fair got caught in spam; we’re going to need someone else to handle the recruitment posts for ESO. @Wheatums, who else in the ESO leadership has a reddit account?




Shoot him a PM with all the updated stuff if you can to make it easy on him; I don’t have the latest revisions :wink:


No worries.


I can post it if you need someone.


It’s not a major concern of mine who posts it so long as it gets posted; I leave it to you lot to sort out the particulars :wink:


I’m not seeing this weeks Guild Fair post…maybe I’m blind?


You’re not crazy; it got caught by the spam filter; we’re working on it :wink:


Thanks and thanks for moving my post. You’d think I’d have the whole 2 separate threads thing figured out by now.


Meh, someone goofs it very-nearly every week; I’m used to it :wink: