Disney's Big Hero 6


I had not heard much about this movie when it came out but I just watched it and thought it was great. Best Disney movie I have seen in quite some time. Worth the watch everyone.


What did you think of Wreck-It Ralph?


I liked Wreck It Ralph for it’s nods to the gaming community. I would say Big Hero 6 was a better movie all together.


I super wanna see it D: It looked really cute.


Interestingly enough the movie was an adaptation of a Marvel Comics Graphic Novel, Disney thought it would do better as a “Kid’s Movie” on the Disney brand rather than the Marvel Studios brand that pumps out most of the other Marvel films.


We could watch Big Hero 6 together if you haven’t seen it.


That movie was pretty awesome. Also see Interstellar if you haven’t seen it yet.


I saw it that movie has 3 layers of meta and I loved how 90% of people didn’t get the 3rd layer. So deep.


Have not seen that either. I literally saw no movies in 2014 x_x


Are we gonna blame this on @auth or just no time? I have a site I watch my movies on if I don’t have the time to go to the movies.


When someone made a post about the movies they liked best/least in 2014 (this was like last month I think?) I pointed out I had not seen any movies and blamed @Auth
Pretty sure it is still his fault :wink:


I concur haha


Everything in the world that isn’t @ModzFosho fault is @Auth’s fault.


Can confirm; lay the blame; I’ll still sleep tonight, somehow :wink:


@zontago mistakes were made and it was unintentional