Division 2 Raid Group? [PC]


So, the Strats Clan doesn’t seem very active and I’m quickly approaching 500 Gear Score.

Just wondering if anyone has interest in taking a crack at the raid? I’ve heard it’s a pretty big DPS check but that mechanics are solid.



I haven’t played in a while. My gear score was around 490. Does it have to be 500 to get into raid? I might be interested in firing it back up and getting into it.



I’m not sure if there is an actual GS requirement. I think once you get into WT5 it’s available.

I do know that if you don’t have a good enough build and/or high enough gear score then you won’t be able to beat the first boss and he is a pretty big DPS check.



I want to get into the raid, but, I’m not sure my build is quite there yet. I’m getting carried more often than I am carrying in 4-man content, and I haven’t had a ton of time to really spend sorting out a solid LMG build for the raid.


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