Division delayed again until 2016



This isn’t looking good.

I asked the question at the meeting last night. Unfortunately, the updated answer is not good news. Sorry Droul, I know you were really looking forward to this. You can still look forward, just a bit further I guess.



:sadgumball: There IS a silver lining, Rainbow Six Siege comes out in the Fall and they plan on giving it a very long post game support.


For me is maybe this info a positive one. Now I have really some time to change my PC.
But I really hope this game will be huge. This is first game that have shooter elements that gets my big attention. Pffff maybe I get me a ps4 and no new PC :slight_smile:


Well this is just the shit icing on top of a shit birthday ive had all day. Did i ever tell you guys that my sister in law is a stupid ass no brain greedy stealing lying manipulative worthless piece of giant dog shit? so yeaaah…thats how my day has been so this is just adds more fuel to the fire that is my life.


@tommy2118 @Vocino @Auth I am going to hold off on the recruitment post for this game as now it wont be out til a year from now.


sorry to hear your having a crappy day and an awful sister-in-law! :frowning:

I think this is a good sign though that they won’t rush out a piece of crap like they did with Unity.


Sounds good (not the part about it being delayed but holding off on recruitment, that is)


wow 2016…what a joke.

I feel like this game was announced close to 2 years ago. It’s a bit disappointing that there’s delay after delay. Especially knowing that people are genuinely excited for the game. They persist to make us wait.
I know they have their reasons, but at this point, they just need to get their things together. Our bodies are ready.


There seem to be numerous large IP games coming out in late 2015. It’s entirely possible that this is just a market strategy delay and not a technical one.


I keep forgetting about marketing schemes. end of the year is always a pretty crucial release time.