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Excerpted from Reddit

Hi everyone,
About a week ago I posted up what I believe is the complete DPS formula (https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/48cojz/the_complete_dps_formula_including_the_very/) as well as links to my videos explaining how this formula works (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8u3Bt0mH-s). To very briefly recap, the formula works like this:
((Per bullet dmg + crit dmg + headshot dmg + critical headshot dmg)* magazine size) / cycle time.
TL;DR: http://imgur.com/I3upw5p
Two things really stood out as a bit strange in this formula:
The formula takes the ‘accuracy’ value and uses that to calculate your likely headshot chance (not unlike critical strike chance determines how often you will crit). This is fairly counter intuitive since you could very easily stack a tonne of accuracy on your shotgun and the DPS value will increase because it thinks you’re going to be getting more headshots with your shotgun. This is obviously silly logic, and will lead to people making some poor gearing choices
The formula includes reload speed, meaning that it measuring your sustained DPS rather than your burst DPS. Both values are extremely important (sustained for PVE, burst for PVE and PVP) so I am not advocating that this inclusion is a bad thing. Rather, I’m arguing that the exclusion of the ‘Burst DPS’ calculation is the problem since this is valuable information that we really should have access to.
In line with these shortcomings, I’ve been working with an incredible web developer named /u/modernethic who has helped me build a DPS calculator that seeks to solve the above identified issues. So it’s with great pleasure that we present to you www.divisiondps.com
How does this calculator work?
Plug in the values and your DPS values are displayed down the bottom. Values auto update based on what you input, so you can tweak variables as you need and see the results without refreshing the page.
What are these DPS results that are shown?
We show three DPS results because these are the ones we believe you’ll need to have access to as you make your gearing decisions:
In-game DPS: This is the value you see on your character sheet in game. You can use this to ‘test’ your baseline and make sure you are entering values correctly.
‘Actual Headshot DPS’: This value replaces the Accuracy value that the game uses with a ‘Likely headshot chance’ value that you manually enter. If you are using a shotgun, perhaps you think you have a 10% headshot chance. If you are using a marksman rifle in PVE, perhaps that chance is 60%. Either way, you can enter the value your think is realistic and make your gear decisions based on that.
‘Burst DPS’: In this value we use the ‘Likely headshot chance’ that you provide, and we also remove the impact of reload from the DPS calculation. This value shows you how much ACTUAL DPS you are outputting over the course of your magazine. It’s particularly useful for evaluating your power in PVP since you want to avoid reload in PVP as much as possible.
Why are you calculating base weapon dmg in step 1?
The Division does a damn good job of hiding your base weapon dmg since it only shows you this value multiplied by things like firearms and any magazine % dmg bonuses you have. Step 1 in this calculation lets you find your base weapon dmg so that you can tweak your firearms/% wep dmg/+wep dmg stats in step 2. If none of that makes sense to you now, it will when you start to use the calculator.
This tool seems complicated. Surely there is an easier way to do this?
Given the way that the Division presents stats, this is the simplest way we could come up with for presenting this information. It’s definitely not very ‘casual-friendly’ at this point, so we’d really welcome any feedback that makes the tool clearer or more intuitive.
Is it mobile optimised?
Yes! In fact, it looks even better on mobile than it does on desktop. Console peeps sitting on their couches, rejoice! J
If I have feedback, who do I contact?
/u/modernethic is taking the lead on the tech, and I am taking the lead on the method. For clarity’s sake, if you have any feedback then just send it through to skill.up.gg@gmail.com and we’ll take it from there.
What else can we expect from this calculator in the future?
Believe me when I tell you that this tool is just the beginning and that we have plenty more stuff in the pipeline. Our focus for now is to get the tool out there and make sure the base formula is perfect, and from there we’ll be building additional functionality over time including drop down weapon menus, suggested headshot rates per gun and stat weightings specific to your stat distribution and weapon type. Stay tuned J
How can I show support for this project?
No need to donate- it’s all hosted on Github (for now) and it’s a fairly lightweight tool at this point. The best things you can do to support us to visit my channel and subscribe (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ7AeeVbyslLM_8-nVy2B8Q) and to message (X) whenever you want any web development work done (paid preferred- he does this for a living!). I really can’t sing his praises enough btw- he is just awesome to work with!
Thanks guys. Really hope you enjoy it and find it useful. See you all on Tues :slight_smile:
Skill-Up and /u/modernethic


Great post. I saw this on reddit and just couldn’t read the whole thing as it is all his speculation…and I couldn’t finish it this time either…lol. :wink:


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