Division Stats Bugged


I’m in quite an annoying situation right now. The first problem is when I change my primary to my secondary I receive a bonus 30k on my dps stat. The second problem on my ak74 stats I receive a 35 percent critical hit chance but this is what my smg is supposed to have. I know I’m on my ak74 stats because of the reload time/accuracy/and stability stats match the ak74 but it shows some of my smg stats. My damage on my ak74 says I have 11.4 and the weapon damage says 10780. It also says I have a 139% headshot buff for my ak74 in which I don’t because I only have one attachment that grants headshot bonus for 17%. Overall I think the divisuon is a great game but the stats bug is really annoying because it’s what the game revolves around once u get to level 30. Please let me know if any of u have these problems.


Yeah, the stats are bugged almost constantly, it seems. Usually the character tab is correct, but I’ve had problems with it too. If you restart the game it generally sorts itself out, but there’s no assurance it won’t break again for any number of indeterminate reasons.


Everytime I start the game they are the same. Restarting doesn’t do much for me. It’s crazy that I have a mix of gun stats on each gun. My cousin told me ubisoft is notorious for these kinds of things. Hopefully they can figure it out soon. Since its pretty much the entire game and it’s bugged.


I actually haven’t heard of too many bugs in The Division.


Not even the “rehabilitation” perk bug?


heh listen to the Monday meeting. I think we talk about a few of them. Keep in mind none of these bugs are PC only, they are all cross-platform.

The UI has a ton of issues in both buggyness and functionality:

  • Your DPS changes if you switch your main-hand and offhand weapons
  • Your DPS changes when hovering over your weapons and then switching to your gear
  • Your gear mods fall out of their sockets (unknown how to re-produce)
  • Your stats within your character menu are vague (I have 112% bleed resist, it helps me resist bleeds)
  • You cannot easily compare items
  • You cannot easily compare gun mods
  • You cannot easily convert materials while crafting
  • You cannot easily determine values of statistics, such as accuracy, on items (the stats are available elsewhere)
  • When buying blueprints, you cannot scroll down to view more information on the blueprint

The world has a ton of bugs:

When joining another player you can leave their group and remain in their game instance. This can be combined to produce things like:

There are bugs where players can leave a mission and still interact with the mission:

There are bugs with buffs stacking and letting you reach things like near godhood as long as you are behind cover.

At this point I don’t even know about all of the bugs and exploits. There are likely a few of them I missed on both the UI and World.

I hate to say the division isn’t “fun” with like 130 hours on my account but if you removed the “grinding” time from those hours I wonder how much time would truly be on the account.

The game needs polish. Hopefully massive doesn’t drop the ball but today (tuesday the 29th) was supposed to be a stream where they talked about the state of the game and they talked about nothing really.

Important Points

  • There will be changes to Division Tech. As of now we don’t know what, but it won’t involve crafting.
  • No patch notes this week only server-side clean-up.
  • Future updates based on the feedback are work in progress.
  • They are making progress in the backpack issue that locks out users from their account.
  • There will be more Weekly and Daily activities that give rewards.
  • Community “stuff&things” will be also added to the game.
  • There will be a big stream to announce the future changes, but we don’t have a date right now.

Dark Zone changes fallout

  • More players are going rogue - to the point where players complain that there are too many.
  • The time that people spend in the Dark Zone doubled but there will be more changes to optimize the experience
  • There will more “stuff&things” added to the Dark Zone