Do You Need a Night Fall Strike Buddy this week? 10/8/14



This week’s nightfall strike is the Archon Priest on Venus. It’s easily soloable, but if you want a buddy to roll with you please feel to hit me up. It takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.

I’m going to be available:

Weds: 7-8PM EST
Thurs: 7-7:30 PM EST
Fri - Sun: I can work with you to set up a time.


  1. Elemental Weapons.
  2. Ok with cheesing the boss.
  3. Active Reader and/or Contributor to

If you are interested please reply or hit me up on PSN.

Here’s a good description of the rewards, the Radiant Light is great b/c it lasts till reset.

The Weekly Nightfall Strike is the same as the Weekly Heroic Strike, but upped to level 28 and with many mission modifiers including Heroic and Nightfall. Possible rewards for completing this Strike include Legendary or Exotic equipment, or 7-9 Ascendant Material. Weekly Nightfall Strikes are unlocked once a Guardian reaches level 24. Completing the Nightfall Strike rewards your Guardian with a buff called “Radiant Light” that increases all XP and reputation gains by 25% until the weekly refresh.


I’m down this friday man! I will invite ye if I see ya!


I would like to do this as well. Anytime is good.


Perfect I’d actually be down for tonight 7-8pm EST


anyone want to take a crack at it around 11PST? We need some more west siders up in here.


@Droul @JohnOnTheRocks see yall at 7PM EST/


I finished this last night. It’s pretty easy up until the boss, then you just gotta be patient. I died a couple times, but all in all it’s pretty decent. Anyone need help, let me know.


I’d love to run this tonight if anyone else will be