Do you play or would you?



With the creation of a new category, I think we could rally up. Who here plays and who would interested in playing with Strats?


I’d buy it if we were all playing


If we made a team and more people played I’d buy it too.


I will not be playing this due to being terribad at Counter Strike. But I fully support those that are good at it.


Havent played in years @Vocino, you can play with me lol.


Id play, i love csgo


We are bringing on a formed CS:GO team, headed up @gambleR. I am working out the final details this weekend. They plan on competing in tournaments and will be active as this next season unfolds in the coming month.


That’s awesome! I would love to get a couple teams going and have some fun game nights. They could always show us scrubs some pointers.


That is the game plan. Looks like we will be able to have it set up as a Strats Team that any Strats member can join and fly the banner, with the Varsity competitive team being managed and lead by @gambleR.

I will meet with him this Sunday to finalize the details. I know he is already interested in getting some Strats members together to scrimmage and such.


Love it.


I’m one of those “varsity” players. Lol


“What’d you letter in?”


This could actually be a thing sooner than later :wink:


Id rather not bring that into my highschool. Lol


I used to sit in the library and play Magic.

20 years ago.

I wonder how many kids play Hearthstone on their tablets at school these days.


Kids still play magic here. Not much hearthstoners here though.
Tried playing CS here but steam is blocked on the computers :confused:


Wow, Thanks for the support on the game this is a pc game btw. and very first person shooter, the game is hard to get used to if you have a bad computer game is also very hard to play, but thats not what its about, its about getting together as a community and maybe running some fun scrims( 5v5) 10man’s with the whole community and we play eachother and have a bunch of good times!! Cant wait to see some of yoou in the cs go channel in mumble when it arrives and I definitely will communicate and start playing with some of you who are interested and want to play! Dont be afraid to ask question’s I always do when I first start games. its only 15 dollars and usually goes on sale keep an eye out:D :eyes: :clap: big thanks to tommy too.


hhaha one of those “varsity” players, dont get ahead of yourself energy. things change <3


Honestly, I’ve never seen anyone in my school playing Hearthstone. However I know a load of people that will still sit around and play MTG.

Edit: OT- I play a bit of CS:GO if anyone would want to play / trade


Yeah I feel you on this one @vocino. Albeit I’m pretty terribad at every game I play :stuck_out_tongue: