Does anyone collect Funko Pops?


Title is all :smiley:

I have 26 right now, primarily star wars with some others in between.

Who else?


ive got alot as well…from all the monthly crate boxes i get or have gotten…i dont know numbers but easily upwards of 20+


My wife and I have a few but we don’t really collect them.


I’ve actually been eyeing some of these recently as I want to deck out my new computer room with nerd swag all over the walls. The Overwatch Pop’s look pretty sweet. Maybe I do just need to sign up for Lootcrate soon…


I browse them at book stores. I kinda want an Optimus Prime for my son, and I could probably go order one online if I felt the gumption, but it’s more of an impulse purchase type thing. My wife just bought me a Daredevil Funko Pop shirt, does that count?


Paging @senNish


I’ve got mostly Marvel related ones. A few randoms s from lootcrate or things I’ve picked up here and there.


I have one or two.


Uh no.


Lies. I don’t have too many!


Dang there you go @senNish!

Does anyone have trouble finding certain ones at stores?

I’ve found that none of the targets around me have any FN-2187, and I haven’t been able to find any exclusives at Walgreen’s yet.


I got mine on Amazon. Most came from Amazon actually.


I could never gone the fallout power armor ones in store.