Does anyone live near Woodland California?


I am currently looking to buy a puppy in Woodland Califorina. I live in Maryland, so there is no way I could meet the dog before hand. Would anyone be willing to meet these puppies and see if their cute and tell me which one to get?



You don’t have puppies in maryland?


Not this exact one.


I’m guessing he wants these puppies for specific reasons. Breed, price, pedigree, etc.


I was just giving him a hard time.


I’m in Minnesota is that close?


Depends. Do you want to drive that far?


I have a friend that lives in Sacramento. I could ask if she is willing to go look for you. She loves animals so I don’t see it being a problem.


Might work. I am planning on buy it in the next few days. Who wouldn’t like to go play with a puppy?


What exactly do you want the person there to do for you?


Go pet the puppies and see which one I should purchase. Maybe buy one for themselves. I just got some videos of the dogs. I might make a decision based off that.


Was going to say, if you just need to pick one out. Most show you pictures and will describe their personalities or make recommendations etc. My parent’s just bought one from Kentucky and they got tons of photos and picked a couple they liked the look of. Then the breeder watched for personalities of those and made a recommendation.


Yeah the second one looks adorable and playful.