Does anyone play warframe on ps4?



Been playing a lot recently but I like to play with friends. Just wondering who plays. Right now I’m rank 4 using rhino frame. Looking into getting Oberon now


I use to might get it back into it
PSN sinderionn


:cry: pc player, not enough of us :cry:


what type of game is this? i downloaded it when it first came out on ps4 but never played it.


It’s a third person shooter. You are a human shaped war machine essentially and you get different “warframes” and they each have 4 different abilities. Also you get 1 primary, 1 secondary, and 1 meter weapon at a time. There is a lot more to it but it’s a lot to type. I can tell you more in a PSN party if you want


ok, i have deleted it since, maybe ill dl it again and try it out. i think helldivers is first on my list right meow though.


Get a ps4?


I thought you had ps4 man


I have a ps4, and I have Warframe on PS4. I’ve just spent money on my PC account…


Warframe was what PC gamers played when they wanted to play Destiny


I do! I play it every Saturday.


Warframe was out way before Destiny and they’re essentially different. Is there no more rainbow bridge between PC and PS4?