Does anyone stream PC games to their TV?



If so, how do you accomplish this? Is the fps still anything around 60fps or above? I know there is something like the nvidia shield, but is there any other way? I have a very nice monitor but sometimes I just want that couch time. Also…Quantum Break’s lack of 21:9 support will leave me playing strictly on my TV. #bummer.


I was looking into this today as well. The Steam Link looks like a viable option as long as have wired ethernet or powerlink system it sounds like. Would love to hear from anyone that has this.


You’re going to make me hook mine up this weekend, aren’t you? :wink:


I’ve got a steam link and it’s great, I use my PS4 or steam controller depending on the game. It’s not a perfect solution for everything but it does work really well


Oh cool you can use a PS4 controller for a PC game…interesting.


Can you use non-steam games like The Division or Quantum Break?


Everything I’ve read on the steam Link says you can play/view anything on your pc on the tv.


Going to purchase right meow on amazon. SOLD!


I have a Steam Link and it works great. I haven’t tried it over wireless since I moved but I was running it on wired and everything played just fine. If you have any questions, let me know.


You can use the PS4 controller, the nav controller, and the move controller on PC with the right drivers. You don’t need any special drivers to use the PS4 controller on Steam Link though. When playing on the PC, I’ve really come to enjoy Nav controller + mouse.


I thought you got a long HDMI cord for this…

The input lag of Steamlink would be fine for casual games, but would make shooters unplayable… at least for me.


I did. But every long USB cable I get seems to take a shit. After doing some research it seems like longer USB cables can be very unreliable.


That’s too bad.


After 15 meters, you need a powered extender.


yea, I’ve got a 25 ft hdmi cord that I don’t use anymore


you want usb over a cat6 network, through your walls.


@ghosthog thanks for the recommendation. Steam link works great. On hand both ends hard wired on my network and if there is any lag its so minimal it doesn’t affect the gameplay. I won’t use it for games like CoD but the division and Tomb Raider work just great on it. Now if I could only figure out how to get Quantum Break to use it.