Does anyone take off of work for E3?



I saw a post on NeoGaf and I was surprised how many people took off work to watch E3! I’ve been secretly wanting to do this for the past couple years as I absolutely love gaming news. I almost love it more than gaming! ha! Depending where things are at work closer to E3, I’m actually thinking of taking off a day or two for the first couple days of E3. Anyone else this crazy?


No I haven’t but I do watch all of the coverage live at work :smiley:


Where are you in the world?

I ask because E3 is scary easy to attend these days.

“Media” is basically anyone working for a “journalism” site and I bet you could list Strats as your reference if you wanted to attend.

If you are interested, check their application process.


If it doesn’t conflict with other appointments i try to work from home, that way i can steeam it easier. Never PTO though, nothing really that exciting.


Well, I’m not trying to attend it, just watch it from home! I do want to go to it one day though.


Honestly, I’d love to attend E3 myself… but I feel like I’d miss a lot of the announcements while being held up is masses of people.


I actually think the experience might be better suited for VR. I’ve heard talks of broadcasting E3 for VR. If I found out they were doing it already this year…I’m def taking off work or getting sick a couple days. I’ve heard some people who have gone talk about standing in line for 4-6 hours just to play a 2 min demo before. That isn’t worth it to me.