Does anyone telecommute or work from home?


I currently work an extremely fast paced corporate job, and was wondering if anyone has a telecommute job or works from home. If so, what do you do?


My job provides me the flexibility of working from home - I simply VPN in to the office and I’m good to go. It also helps that much of the training that I deliver is virtual, so no need for anything more than an internet connection.

You looking to build a business case on working from home?


I’m looking into it for a more personal reason, just curious about what the work from home market is like.


I work from home about once per week unless I have something going on at either place (if there’s a meeting I need to be physically present at I’ll go in or if there’s something I want to do with my son I’ll stay home).


I work as an IT consultant. Part of my job is also managing our internal IT infrastructure. I can work whereever I desired and tend to do so once per week, mainly to knockout projects or focus on developing our SharePoint infrastructure. Tends to help me get things done in 1/2 the time I normally would at the office.

Some days it is great, others it can also be a major distraction. Have to be REALLY good at discipline, else you might find yourself falling behind.


I work from home when needed, but lately I’ve been doing it whenever the fck I want. My co-workers are of the type “you only work as hard as the amount of time you are seen in the office” and they is a direct result of my manager being that way. For example, he approved me to go back to school and take half days twice a week…I did as much work as everyone else that year but I received a poor review due to not being present as much. Since then I have been going to school online to be at work full time. Anyway, I’ve kind of worked my way under a new manger (who is overseas), and I work from home when needed. In fact the one time I asked him if it was ok if I WFH and his response was "man, I don’t care what you fcking do". lol. I just put on Lync that I’m “WFH”. It’s nice to be judged by your output and not face time. I could seriously wfh every day of the week and get everything done, and what my other manager doesn’t realize is…I get more work done when I am wfh because no one bothers me. He was just too insecure that anyone who wfh besides him is just goofing off…when we are all adults. I would love to secure a full time job from home one day just to see how it is. On the flip side, I’m not sure I could handle it, I would eat everything in the house!


I think that line alone is the challenge many businesses have with a telecommuter. Where I worked previously had the belief that 75% output at work was better than 100% output at home. Simply being present got me points - that made no sense.

My current job is about results. If I hit target at home, at the office, or wherever, they are happy. I just find that I sometimes need the office to provide me the focus I need to hit some of those targets. But it’s nice to have the flexibility to make that choice.


I used to work from home as a Social Media Evaluator. The pay wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t great either. Work became tedious after a while. Overall it wasn’t the worse job in the world, nor was it the greatest.