Does proper camouflage matching matter in MGSV?



There are a number of camo options in MGSV but I’m wondering if they make any real difference. There definitely seems to be a direct correlation to the area and the camo to available to match though.

  • Afghanistan sandy = desert fox
  • Afghanistan rocky/ruins = tiger stripes
  • Africa = red tiger or animal
  • Concrete/facilities = squares
  • Marsh/wetland = swampy/wetland

It would be really awesome if it mattered what camo you use for which area when it comes to the enemy’s ability to detect you.


It actually can matter. Depending on the area you are in, if wearing the proper uniform and depending on the guards stats, you may be able to close in the distance between yourself and the guard (While they are looking at you) for quiet a bit without them being “Suspicious” or alerted. The proper camo can get you about 20~30m and then getting a “suspicious” signal from them, which they then need to get about 10~15m for them to get Alert status ; mind you this is if you’re crouched and not moving.

If you’re prone, sometimes they need to stand ontop of you 3~5m before they go “!” and try to fire at you.