Doing a giveaway Today!


Hello Boys and Girls :smiley:
Yesterday something really crazy happend: I jumped from 227 Followers to 480 Followers in 1 day! I stated that i wanted to do a giveaway at 300 Followers and now im kinda overwhelmed because i didint think id reach it that soon. So im kinda unprepared, but nonetheless i found something to give away!
The Price for the winner is:
Grid 2 and Total War Shogun 2! (Steam Keys)

You’re all welcome to enter my giveaway! It will start in T- 6hours and 12 minutes. To be exact: 6pm GMT+1

I wanted to giveaway something better but i didnt have the time and Money to find something really nice so im sorry :frowning:

link to my twitch: ! :smile:


Wow…to go from 227 to 480. Not gonna lie i’m very jealous xD but good for you dude! I hope I can have one of those days ;_;


My tip is to stream a new popular game and do some kind of interaction with Viewers :smile:
I streamed Super Mario Maker and my title was "Playing viewer levels! | Type “!queue add” to be in the queue | #TeamStrats"
I guess that this title actracted alot of Viewers into my channel who wanted to see their Level played by a streamer :slight_smile:
Super Mario Maker had over 15.000 total Viewers at this time :slight_smile: so i guess it rained Followers :smiley:


I think this is exactly what brought people to your channel. I’ve talked about this with a friend and Super Mario Maker is a great game for streaming. People want to see their creations on-screen and played by a streamer.

It’s a great game/tool for attracting followers.


I agree with @teh_ninjaneer, whenever you can break the 4th wall and bring content in from your viewers, your retention will rise.

Mario Maker is a great game for that. You can also let the viewers decide which dialogue choices to execute in an RPG. There are a lot of option.


Yeah you’re both right @teh_ninjaneer @Vocino
and its also very very fun to play user Levels! If you guys have a wii u i highly recommed to buy this game :smile:

Currently im Streaming alot of Super Mario Maker and Super Smash bros. kinda getting #strats known in the nintendo community. It would be great to have some kind of strats related site where People can share their Levels and submit Levels to streamers from stratsco :slight_smile:

well just an idea :smiley: