Domo's Fishing Wednesdays



Starting tomorrow ill be fishing every Wednesday! Gold, fish (maybe even goldfish) and all the shiny bubbles we can find! So if you want to be part of the fishing crew sign up here!


Guess I’ll hijack this thread since you posted first.

I’m also going to main fishing, I’m currently working on getting Gilda for the boat.

I’m growing bundles for myself to get worms because I burn through them like crazy since this is where most of my labor is going, but if you need worms, I can usually donate like 50-100 if you want to spend a quick bit of labour.

I’m currently working on a fishing post, so if you want to get into that, stay tuned.

And now, back to you Majordomo.


Dibs. Also fishing partners? With our four farms we can do some serious bait damage. I am also going for the boat and maining fishing so win win. Btw best way to level is sport fishing with chum only costs vocation points


I’m up for some fishing. I’ve got a bamboo pole or two in the warehouse.


Yeah, sounds good. I have 2/3 of my farms making bait, my other one is just goats for consistency.

I’m not going to bother with sport fishing until 10,000 proff for the iron rod. It’s going to take too long with the bamboo rod.


Well I am going through, 7 k labor tonight so ill be at 10 k soon


You Know I’m In!!! :smiley:


we did it man…



very nice catch