Donate Something; Pimp Your Title


Fancy graphic to arrive in the near future

Welcome to title shenanigans v2.0! We unfortunately had to close down the previous title shenanigans system (you can find the details here, if you’re curious), but we’re not shutting down the fun completely.

##How does it work?
It’s quite simple: if you donate something for an official Strats giveaway (either for the Strats Weekly or as a thread giveaway of some sort) valued at $10+ dollars, you get to change your title to whatever you want for a month! Simply drop a reply in this thread after you’ve donated something with what you want your title to be. Obviously, try to stay within some semblance of reasonable (i.e.: if it’s not in keeping with the community values, don’t ask for it to be your title). If you donate multiple things, you can either maintain your current custom title or switch it up every month. Future title changes should be requested at the time of donation so we can put them in the queue; this is much easier than me keeping track of all the title changes I owe you (cough @Zniri cough ;)).

##Can I change someone else’s title like before?
Maybe! All you have to do is start a PM with me (@Auth) and the person whose title you want to change. As long as they’re good with it, we’ll make that title change happen. @Vocino, @tommy2118, and myself are hereby automatically giving our consent, so there’s no need to PM us before requesting a title change for any of us. I’d love to be able to track everyone who wants to permanently “opt in” to having their title changed, but that’s a daunting prospect, to say the least, so for everyone else I’m going to need that PM, please.

Current Title Changes:

  • senNish - “Chris Roberts Has Scammed Me” - 25 April (grandfathered from previous system)
  • Bradum - “I <3 Consoles” - 26 April (grandfathered from previous system)
  • Auth - Inappropriately Appropriate - 26 April
  • GuardianX - True Belieber - 26 April

Upcoming Title Changes:


I forever respond “yes” to proposed title changes for me.


I would like to use 2 of my remaining credits now to change titles

@Auth - Inappropriately Appropriate

@GuardianX - True Belieber


Oh jesus


Haaaaaahahahahaha Nailed with @GuardianX Title!! Kudos to you!


Oh wow this is an awesome system.


I second this notition. What else is @Zniri going to do with his donation power.


Need someone to fix my title…wasn’t aware that if I looked at my tiles and messed with them it would totally vanish the title ><