Done with my training!


So after all this hard work today I received my uniform and ill be wrapping up with orientation tomorrow. I got a long drive back but ill be reporting to my station on Monday. As of yesterday I am officially an EMT 911 responder! Just thought I would let you guys know that I can play video games on the regular now;)




grats bud, welcome back. i need some help with keeping the pc gaming community up around these parts! everyone and these damn ps4’s!


Ill be picking up some new titles soon and experimenting to see what we can do.give it time the infidels shall return to us.


Awesome job! Glad to see you back as well :slight_smile:


Nice work!


Grats! Sounds exciting


That’s awesome brother congratulations.


Welcome to the club. How was that NREMT exam?


Congratulations. :slight_smile:


@Biff_Tannen NREMT was easy (passed it about 1.5 months ago) because i went through mock registry first through my academy so all my fears/issues were gone by the time i took the NREMT. The only snag i hit was not remembering wtf the antecubital fossa is when they disclosed bleeding for blleding, shock and wound station. I simply asked the patient were she was bleeding and she pointed so that saved me hehe. Now i am working for acadian so real life stuff about to go down:D


@Majordomo: That is AWESOME. Congratulations!


@majordomo congrats man…you put in a lot of hard work and now it’s time for the pay off. I hope everything goes great at your new job!!


During my trauma assessment I did everything perfectly until the end when I forgot to cover the patient with a blanket after I was done. Caused me to fail that station but I got to do it again. I will never forget the blanket again. The computer test was frustrating because it randomly cuts you off depending on how you are doing. I got cut off at exactly 70 questions so I knew I either did really well or really bad. Turns out I did well.


@Biff_Tannen lol i got 70 as well it was terrible not knowing. i was sure i failed. During mock i forgot to give oxygen to the patient on the medical station. The examiners were really cool dudes and we started talking so we both forgot:D Had to retest but thankfully it was only mock and a minor issue.


I was the last one in my class to take the test and by the time I finished the results center was closed so when everyone else was celebrating that they passed that night I had to wait until the following afternoon to find out.