Don't die with a huge bounty



I racked up quite the bounty last night, upwards of 138k. I died and my bounty went down 50k and i thought that was just a thing that happens. Turns out when you die you lose the gold in your inventory to pay the bounty. So i got no gold, and an 80k bounty. Such is life.


I had read somewhere (I think it was the official forums) that your bounty goes down if you leave your character sitting underground while playing another character, but haven’t had a chance to test that yet. I left my sorc underground last night and will see when I log in.


The thing is, it goes down very slowly. Maybe a couple hundred per hour.


So, 250 hours later, your 50K bounty will be cleared?


Well, thievery is actually a decent way to get money. I’m stealing too much to have it go down. I’ll just live my life as a fugitive, not hard to sneak around guards as a vamp wood elf.


Does your bounty follow you to other cities, or even alliances? If so, the police (guards) must have one heck of an APB system if you are in Vulkel Guard and they say “We heard you stole a dagger in White Run”.


Bounty persists through zones yes.


The Tamriel FBI can cross state borders with ease.


I noticed in the patch notes it says that gold can never be taken from your bank to pay a bounty. So I guess the thing to do is deposit all your gold in your bank if you’re going to be a fugitive. haha


Yup, living out of my bank now. I’ve been hovering between a 90k - 120k bounty since the patch came out.


I am apparently a horrible thief that gets caught when trying to pickpocket the bums. Will level it picking locks on chests instead.


I read somewhere it goes down even if you aren’t on. Can you run up a large bounty, play an alt or two for a while, and have it be gone? What does it look like the next day? Does it lower overnight? My sorc seems to run up a medium bounty, then the next day it is gone or very small.


For the last couple days i’ve been logging on, training it, selling my stolen stuff, and logging out. I usually am about ~10-15k less bounty when i log back on the next day. So i log on at (typically) 90k bounty and log out at 100-110k.


If you kill an npc in one shot, meaning they are low level, and no one sees you, you don’t get a bounty. Looks like each item sold, levels up the skill, maybe? I’ve been getting around a 4k bounty and when I log on the next day, it’s gone. So far tho, the whole system seems very fun!