Don't freak out: I'm working on the permissions system


Hopefully cutting of some angry PMs about lost access before they come. :smile:



New schema will make it possible to do more things with DKP apps or whatever else we think of. Apologies for downtime on some forum categories.


Not sure if it was wise granting us Elder rank. It is going to be like a bowling ally up in this place. Pins everywhere! LOL


Well, the only distinction was “moderator” before, which had basically everything open and poor ACL. It should be a little better now. Not done yet.


I have complete faith in you. My last post was for nothing more then comic relief.


Tommy is bailing, everyone execute plan c! DOMO ready the bouncy side and the lube!


bouncy up but no lube…omg is it over?


I’m slow tonight… “I’m bailing” ??


OH NO he is claiming old age as an excuse now!!! ITS HAPPENING!


Now I’m really lost. :slight_smile:




I’m so confused by you guys… I thought I was supposed to be the young “in the know” person here too


Ha, is that Alan Rickman? Didn’t know he could be that strong without magic…