DOOM Beta Gameplay and Impressions



Also, for those interested in trying out the multiplayer beta… you can score yourself a free beta key at most local Gamestop stores on 4/1 (no strings attached, not kidding)


I laughed at “April 2nd THROUGH April 3rd”.


Maybe that’s part of the joke.

Edit - Looks like the beta actually starts tomorrow. Source. Closed beta for the first two days. The Gamestop portion is only for the last two days.


If anyone is able to get me a key I will luv you long time American soldier boy

seriously though we do not have Gamestop here so if anyone has a spare i would greatly appreciate it.

thank you


Doom Closed Beta is free on Steam currently


Going to confirm this now.


Got a link @Ausylon. So far yous a liar.


I’ve played a few matches. I have mixed feelings about the game. I’m playing the PC version.

It’s Doom. I was downloading shareware versions of the original from the local BBS about 23 years ago. Nostalgia. It feels like they were trying to recreate Quake 3 Arena when they built multiplayer for this game.

There are loads of customization options. You can change the color of your armor, apply patterns to it and alter the color of the pattern separate from the base armor, and even make the armor look dirty. You also have the option to change the color of your weapons.

The game just feels alright. I’ll play a few more matches over the weekend but initial impression is that this just isn’t a buy for me. I would much rather play Overwatch or Battleborn.