Doom's Ark Server of Doom!


Hey Friends!

I’ve moved, so the IP address has changed


You may have to add the IP address to your steam favorites list prior to joining

Please Download the Mods first. Subscribe to all Here!

Server Update: The recent patch completely corrupted the information on the server, so I did back the save files up, but I made the map The Island so we could all check out the new Redwood Update! Enjoy, everyone!

So I actually bought my own personal server computer. Mainly for file storage, but also…free Ark server!

I wouldn’t mind anyone in Strats joining at all! A few things to note before joining:

Server Notes

  • The Server is VERY hard. I tried to make it as balanced as possible, but I definitely love that “Survival” feel of the game(See Server Settings below for exact numbers)

  • Resources are extremely limited from what you’re probably used to. It’s only minimally bumped from Official settings.

  • There is no “Easy Taming” perse. Taming speed is only 2x, so you need to plan accordingly for Tames. For more information on Taming, and why I set it that way, see the “Why so hard?” section below.

  • The server is PvP, with Offline Raid Protection enabled. So basically once you hit the level of crafting the item, you place the pillar down and your base will be safe within 5 minutes of the whole tribe logging off. Everyone must be off for this to work. So if you all plan on building alone, Make individual Tribes, then you can form alliances from there. (There could be some settings that change here, like potentially making certain islands “PvE” to build on.)

I made this server because the “Survival Feel” of it just wasn’t there. I wasn’t afraid of dying or losing anything, pretty much straight from the jump, and that’s why I invested money into the physical server. I have modded it to what I believe to make it the best possible for me and my friends and will modify it over time as I see fit.

Server Mods

Note: To save yourself time, and headache. Please check out the link below and install all the Mods prior to joining the server. Not only will this save yourself the “Timeout” error, but you will be able to join faster than having to constantly try and reconnect to download the mods.

Find the Mods list w/links here: Mods List

Why so hard?(Note: This info has changed since the recent patch, I will update the information shortly!)

Here I will post the major server settings, and explain why I’ve done some of them. With almost 400 hours logged into Ark, and about 80 Hours in the Dev Kit. I’ve seen and experienced most of the aspects that relate to balance, and tried to make the best experience possible.

  • XP Multiplier - 1.0 - The reason behind this is to force you to actually go out and experience the game to some degree. You get experience from so many places later on in the game, it will make the later game harder in the beginning, but more rewarding in the late game. You can stay and craft a base, but you will still have to take dinos out and kill stuff to level.

  • Taming - Taming will currently be set at x2. The reasoning behind this is because I’ve made my own mod that adds over 20 items to the game. Like berries in the early game you can craft that lowers dino food levels to make them eat faster. A potion mid-game that increases that food drain, and a Tincture in the late game that drops it by 2000 over 10 minutes. There are so many new items that will keep a dino knocked out, lower their food, etc. that I see no reason to speed it up. Prepare for a tame ahead of time, and it will take exponentially less time to tame.

  • Per Stat Multipliers - Players will get slightly more stats per level, like x2 Stamina per point, and more food and water. This is because the Food, Water & Stamina drain is lowered, but not by much. This is because I’ve found it rediculous that I made it all the way to level 100(I’ve up the level cap), and only ever needed 100 food, water, and stamina. This makes it almost a must that eventually you will have to level those up to some degree.

  • Dino Per Stat Level Multipliers - Dinos are an important piece of the game, obviously. However, it shouldn’t be the one thing that makes the game completely easy mode! So with that, I’ve increased the amount of stats wild dinos have per level, and decreased the stats once you tame them. So if you see that a dino has “2000” health, when you tame it, don’t be surprised if it’s “1800” afterwards. This is a setting that will eventually increase after my planned “Stat Arrows” mod comes out. To balance this to some degree, I’ve increased the stat amount per level points.
    (Example: If you want a Doedicurus that can carry a lot of weight, shoot it with 10 “Weight Arrows” before knocking it out and taming it. Once knocked out, you will see a boosted weight stat.)

  • Dino Settings - While we’re on the topic, lets talk about Dino levels. So firstly, they only do x2 Harvesting damage opposed to the normal x1 that players do. They also can only go up 30 levels after tame. Effectively, a level 180 dino can be tamed perfectly at around level 270, then add 30 levels to around 300. I want it to mean something that you make sure you tame a dino at high level, and tame it well. Do so, and you’re rewarded with a top level dino.

    Secondly, Wild Dinos have increased Damage and Resistance, and Tamed Dinos Damage and Resistance is lower than that of Wild Dinos. This is to balance the “I can kill everything” mindset. I didn’t want it to be ridiculous for newer players, but still a challenge for later on. The mod I implemented adds Health Paste, Damage Paste, and more. I’ve also added Health Potions, Stamina Potions, and more. Use them, you’re probably going to need them. And that’s the point.

  • Harvest Amount - The harvest amount is different than that of harvest damage. The base harvest amount is set to “1”, but I’ve adjusted multiple different harvesting amounts, so you’ll notice some things are better than others.

Those are the major differences to the server. If you are wondering about any of the other settings, feel free to ask down below. Also, I will post any updates to mods, server settings, etc. down below, and will edit this post accordingly.

ARK: Survival Evolved new server details

Super cool! Thank you!!


Yay! I apologize if I curse like a sailor as I die repeatedly :3


Haha well I did make it hard for a reason :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s more rewarding that way!


Server Note: I will be removing the NPC Bush People Mod, as it completely breaks the experience and does not work very well. There will be a server wide message if you’re on, letting you know when it’s coming down for a second


nice, :slight_smile:


BOOOooooo… :cry:


I know, I know. But I’m going to be experimenting with this mod called “PvE Zones” soon. Which will basically create giant bubbles in certain areas. I want to make most of the most inhabited places on the island PvE.

I want the experience where your base is safe, your dinos are safe, but if you leave your bubble to go to say…lava mountain, or half burnt island, you’re in a PvP Zone. It’s that "only carry what you need feeling.

If everyone’s cool with giant blue bubbles around their building zones than I might have to implement it :smile:


YAAAY !!! :grin:

I really like this idea


PvP All the way!!! More fun!!!


Currently just so everyone knows:

The Damage Paste in my Mod “Invaders Alchemy & Tranq Kit” is currently not working. I will be patching this today.

Also the following will change.

  • All pastes will now last forever and have no. spoil timer.
  • You no longer need prior engrams to learn anything in my mod(If there is something you need let me know and I’ll get it patched.)
  • The Chitin Sickle has been lowered to level 10
  • New Item! The Stone Pike - crafted in the workbench - Better than the Spear and uses durability instead of breaking. I am currently working on the textures, and will edit this post with screenshots.
  • The Narcotic Paste will now give the same Torpor(350 over 170 seconds) but now costs 35 Narcoberries(Down from 50), Thatch and Water.

Any further changes will be put here.

Edit: Mod is cooking now :slight_smile: should be ready for download in about an hour or so


Invader’s Alchemy & Tranq Kit officially updated to v1.4! Here’s the official notes:

Patch v1.4

  • Damage Paste has been fixed. Now gives 15% Melee for 15 seconds. Debuff has not changed.
  • All pastes will now last forever and have no spoil timer.
  • You no longer need prior engrams to learn anything in my mod unless it’s something In my Mod.
  • Chitin Sickle Engram has been lowered to level 10.
  • New Item! The Stone Pike: Crafted with Stone, Fiber, and Flint. Better than the Spear. Repairable.
  • The Narcotic Paste will now give the same Torpor(350 over 170 seconds) but now costs 35 Narcoberries(Down from 50), Thatch and Water.
  • Workbench no longer requires Cementing Paste. Now requires 100 wood, 200 Thatch, 100 Fiber


Any kind of password for server sir, also whats the name of the server just to be safe

thank you


No password for now

Server name should be The Prickly Grapes[PvP][2xTame][Mods!]


Updated: I made a steam collection for all the mods. Click on the link above to subscribe to them all so you’re not downloading them one by one. Sorry for the delay on this. But I didn’t know it was possible until now!


for those having trouble finding the server try this link

Click on the blue IP address in the server info box to be taken to the server

It will also tell you who is in game and for how long


Thanks @Zniri

Also, I’ve got a “primitive” server also set up, with Primitive settings and running the Primitive Total Conversion mod if anyone is interested, it’s a whole new experience!


More Mods Incoming!

…Once I finish the models. I’m 6 hours in on this one :confused:


thats some nice carpentry sir


For anyone interested, the server information has changed. I’ve moved so the IP is a little different, and please check the “Server Update:” area for more information.