Doooooooommmmmfffiiissstttttt HYPE


Overwatch just released their newest hero/villian. Doomfist. Long have we been waiting for this fabled character. He is primarily a melee character and gains a shield when uses his abilities. He is an offense character.

Ability list


Doomfist fires a short-range burst from the knuckles of his fist. Its ammunition is automatically regenerated over a short time


Doomfist leaps forward and smashes into the ground, knocking nearby enemies toward him


Doomfist uppercuts enemies in front of him into the air.


After charging up, Doomfist lunges forward and knocks an enemy back, dealing additional damage if they impact a wall.


Doomfist generates temporary personal shields when he deals ability damage


Doomfist leaps into the sky, then crashes to the ground, dealing significant damage.


Livestream currently going on from PTR:


No one does character design quite like Blizzard, baby.


He’s live on the PC PTR, apparently.


Wow… a fully powered up punch looks to be an instagib. And that power-up only takes a couple seconds to charge.


I don’t think it would pop a tank, but it sure seems to blow up the squishies.


In watching that live stream, it’s downing a full Doomfist… so everything but a tank?


I don’t think Doomfist is in the tank category; I get the impression that he’s offense.


Oh yeah… he totally is. I wonder if that punch can clear a group? It’s like a Reinhardt with multi-gib ability.


Seems targeted? Also, 4-second cooldown is insane; I wonder if that’s going to change at all or if that’s going to be needed since he has a shotgun-esque short-range weapon.


My one complaint is that they released another offense/attack character, further bloating an already full category of characters.

Heroes in the defense category are already overlooked. Let’s add to that.

Edit - scratch that, I have 2 complaints. “Dive comp” is already so popular, did we really need another hero to fit into that? This guy looks to be the bestest diver.


So I’m trying out Doomfist in PTR training:

  • His left-click shotgun attack seems to do ~75 damage per shot, 125+ damage on a headshot.

  • Right-click charge does 50 damage for a quick punch or about 100 for full charge. If you full charge and knock them into a wall you deal 200+ damage (one-shotting bots which I believe have 200 health).

  • The combo of uppercut (shift) and either punch (RMB) or slam (E) is a very effective tool for either initiating or escape. Once you uppercut, you hover in the air for about 1 second, giving you time to place the target for your slam (target appears automatically while in the air, just press E to fly).

  • A full combo of E + shift + RMB is dumb. Just dumb.

  • The closest thing I can compare with his ultimate is the Crusader’s Falling Sword skill. You press Q, he leaps into the air but you steer him as if on the ground. Place your target in the spot you want to pound everyone. You have about 6 seconds to pick a target.

  • His skills range in cooldown from 4 to 8 seconds.

  • Each skill provides 30 shields, and they stack. He has a base health of 250.

This guy will require a lot of skill with both the targeting of his RMB punch and also landing all these combos. He will destroy in the hands of a good player.

Edit - While I will likely never play this character well, I can appreciate the effort Blizzard took into making Doomfist play like a first-person fighting game. He’s pretty neat.


Holy crap, I gotta get home and play this guy


Do we ever do team strats premades in Overwatch?


All I can think about is how good he’s gonna be in HotS.


@senNish and I have been playing a good bit. I’ve been picking up a lot of randoms and making groups lately. Trying to recruit them.


What platform?


Glorious PC master race. What else?