Dota 2 and League of Legends TEAMS!


Post your STEAM ID for Dota 2 and your NICKNAME for League Of Legends! Lets make some teams boys and girls!

Both games equally fun so lets not turn this into a fffffffuuuuuu thread.

My steam id:

LoL nickname: Rowdyrebel


LoL name: Dark Sentry


I’d be willing to join for fun but I’m honestly terrible at both games.


I’d like to get into dota but like vocino, I’m terrible. Anyone feel like teaching a dota 4 scrubs class?


From my experience DOTA is much harder than league. If you have trouble in both you might want to play league.

In DOTA you can turret dive much easier. In league, you are pretty “safe” behind your towers for the first 15 mins of the game.

In DOTA you can deny last hitting minions and towers. In league, you don’t have to worry about being unable to farm because the other player is better than you or gets ahead.

DOTA snowballs a lot harder and because of this you can carry your team a lot harder. In league, if you are really fed you might be able to 1v3, but most matches are pretty even.

In DOTA the abilites are much more powerful. The abilities in DOTA feel like ultimate abilities in league. DOTA feels cooler and looks nicer. League is just easier to play.

I’m plat in league and a complete scrub in DOTA. Probably a little biased too.

TL DR: DOTA too hard; League is much easier.


Dota is harder than league and it doesnt make me club puppies every time i lose because some tool fed too much. League is more forgiving of individual mistakes and very harsh on group mistakes. You can come back in dota from a team fight wipe (given its not late or super late in the game). In league losing a team fight means you are down a tower or two easy. Alot more we can talk about in mumble. ALl i want to know is who is interested!



No hate, but DotA is just a deeper game with more room for upward mobility skill progression vertical integration. In short, the ceiling is higher, and it feels better to get closer to it.

I will happily play Dota with just about anyone (once :stuck_out_tongue:), but I will never install LoL again.


I’ve given up doing 5’s in LoL because that community just hurts my soul. That said, I’m still down for ARAM from time to time.

LoL: Clerical Errors


we aram and then dota for 5s