Double Battlefront XP this weekend (18th - 20th)



Woop, should be able to hit 50 with this.


It’s on


Best thing to do is Fighter Squadron (matches of around 10 minutes, 2,000 XP per and up to 10,000 or more if you get in a hero ship early). Worst thing to do is Walker Assault (can go on for longer than 45 minutes with around the same XP gains per match as Fighter Squadron).

Just about all the game modes are fun, in my opinion. I’m just talking about maximizing XP gains.


I spend most of my time in Supremacy


Damn you just beat me to this. Was coming on here to update everyone. Hey everyone, double spaced this weekend!!


So yeah, this double xp thing is nuts.

I love Supremacy. It’s just really long so if your goal is to reach 50 this weekend, the most optimum mode is Fighter Squadron.


Got my rank 40 and my Rodian costume. I met my goal for the weekend.


So, is there any other goal to shoot for post 50, or just messing around for fun?


Yeah I wasn’t in a hurry to hit 50. I don’t want to run out of stuff to do too early before the 1st DLC comes out.


i wasted it like a fool. im too busy trying to platinum just cause 3


There are many objectives to unlock. You can view them in the diorama. There’s also upgrading your cards, of course.

After I hit 50 I started working on specific objectives I needed which forced me to play some game modes I hadn’t and use some cards/weapons I thought I didn’t like. They turned out to be a lot of fun.


A week or two ago I decided to achieve the silver trophy for playing all the multiplayer modes. Seemed simple enough. I had previously only played Blast, Cargo, Fighter Squadron and Walker Assault.

I really enjoy Heroes vs Villains.


I have recently became a trophy hunter and I have found out with most games that I tend to do things I normally wouldn’t just to get a trophy…and a majority of the time I end up experiencing something I wouldn’t have other wise enjoyed or experienced. I’ll be doing the same for this game.