Downloading Guild Wars 2 now


I have no idea what im doing -_- HELP

  1. Prepare to grind your butt cheeks off for starters :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. What exactly do you need help with? I haven’t been on in like…a LONG time, as I had no group to play with and my interest dwindled :cry:


@Diacuss is almost always on and can help you get going.


What particularly you need help with?


Nice. Glad to have you! My only advise, taken from @W1thl0v3 (although many people have said it), is experience the game, don’t rush to 80 on your first character. Participate in the world, if you see an event lend your aid, if you see an NPC running off follow it. The game wants you to believe it’s alive, let it try. :smiley:


Can’t wait to see you in game! :smiley:


I would say a solid step 1 would be to find a profession (class) that you love.
So allow me to help break it down.

Warriors are masters of weaponry. They have the most weapons available to them of all the professions. They have a couple ranged options available (Rifle, and Longbow) but have a plethora of melee weapons at their disposal (Mace, Axe, Sword, Greatsword, Hammer, Shield, Warhorn)

Depending on how you specialize, which utility skills you use, and which weapons you choose to wield, warriors can fill several roles and have many strengths.

Warriors can use shouts to bolster their allies and weaken their enemies. They can place banners in the ground to provide boons to nearby allies, and pick them up to gain unique abilities while holding the banner. Warriors can be made tough and tanky to soak up loads of damage, or incredibly mobile and fast constantly moving around the battlefield.

Basically Warriors are quite versatile and can act as a pure damage dealer, focus on defense, be frontline support, or a hybrid of those, as well as pumping out damage and being hard to kill in PvP.

The warrior’s class mechanic is a burst skill that changes depending on which weapon you have equipped in your main hand. When you have enough Adrenaline built up you can use your burst skill by pressing F1.

The engineer is extremely versatile and can be equipped to handle almost any situation. While the warrior has the most weapons available, the engineer has the least. They can choose from Rifle, Pistol, and Shield, and they cannot swap weapons. But they make up for this meager selection with their utility skills, specifically Kits.

When an engineer selects a kit, he puts away his weapon in favor of the selected kit, gaining a whole new set of abilities in place of his weapon abilities. Kits include, Toolkit, Flamethrower, Grenade kit, Bomb kit, Elixir Gun, Mortar Kit (Elite). You can have up to 3 kits + mortar kit slotted at any given time which gives the engineer not one weapon swap, but up to 5.

In addition to kits, the Engineer can also place turrets in a fixed spot to shoot, burn, immobilize, or blast enemies, as well as heal allies. They also have access to Elixirs which can provide helpful boons to yourself and your allies, as well as gadgets which can provide additional utility.

The Engineer’s class mechanic is the toolbet, which gives your F1 - F5 keys a unique function based on which abilities you have slotted in the 6 - 0 slots.

The guardian is a divine fighter, expert in melee combat and burning. Guardians make excellent supports being able to pump out healing and boons in big numbers quickly. They have several weapon options for melee but their ranged options are very weak at the moment, limited to Staff and Scepter for range, and neither one giving much damage at much range. Guardians can be made tough and can provide a lot of protection and healing for their allies. But they are also quite effective at the killing! With weapons such as Greatsword, Hammer, Sword, Mace, and Torch, the Guardian can deal tons of damage in different ways. Burning builds are fairly popular with guardians, setting fire to everything and watching burn! While Hammer and Greatsword are also quite popular options.

The Guardian’s class mechanic is Virtues. The Guardian has 3 virtues that passively provide beneficial effects and can be activated for additional effects. Virtue of Justice: Passively burns foes on every 5th attack and can be activated to apply burning to the next attack made by you or nearby allies. Virtue of Resolve: Regenerates health, activate to heal yourself and nearby allies. Virtue of Courage: Grants aegis (block) every 40 seconds, activate to apply aegis to yourself and nearby allies.

The Mesmer is kind of an Illusionist Mage. They create clones of themselves to confuse enemies and summon phantasms to fight for them. Mesemers are incredibly mobile and extremely slippery. Through a combination of teleportation, invisibility, and several clones, mesmers can be hard to fight and extremely hard to kill, though they don’t have much in the way of armor.

Mesmers are excellent at dealing damage, and can contribute as a support role as well, but their utility and mobility is where they excel. They can be extremely formidable in PvP modes if played well.

The Mesmers class mechanic is Shatter. The Mesmer can order all clones and/or summoned phantasms to run to their current target and Shatter to deal damage, daze, confuse, or provide distortion which allows the mesmer to evade incoming attacks for a short time.

The Necromacer is dark mage or summoner. The Necromancer can summon a small army of minions to follow them and fight along side them. They also have access to Wells, powerful AOE fields that deal damage and/or apply conditions to foes. Necromancers have many ways to apply several conditions in large quantities making them formidable opponents with condition builds.

Necromancers can take the form of a giant Lich, gaining powerful abilities in place of their weapon abilities, or become a cloud of virulent poison afflicting nearby enemies with conditions every second you are close to them.

But what really makes the Necromancer unique is their class mechanic, Death Shroud. As things die near the necromancer they gain “Life Force” (they can also gain life force by using abilities) By pressing F1 the Necromancer will enter Death Shroud and gain access to a new set of abilities in place of their weapon abilities. When they enter Death Shroud their life force will begin to drain slowly, but any damage taken by the Necromancer while in Shroud will be deducted from life force, rather than from their health.

The Elementalist is extremely versatile and can be equipped for multiple situations. The Elementalist can only have one weapon set equipped and cannot swap weapons. They make up for this with the ability to attune themselves to different elements. When an Elementalist has a staff equipped, they have access to 4 separate ability sets, Staff for Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. When the Elementalist changes their attunement they change what abilities their current weapon gives them.

The Elementalist also has the ability to conjure Elemental Weapons, Flame Axe, Frost Bow, Lightning Hammer, Earth Shield, Fiery Greatsword (Elite). Each of these weapons works much like an engineer’s kits, when they are equipped they replace weapon abilities with a new set of abilities. So an elementalist can have up to 3 elemental weapons + Fiery Greatsword equipped at any given time, and when you add the 4 attunements that means they basically can have up to 8 weapon swaps. But more than that, the elemental weapons are also placed on the ground so that other allies have the ability to pick them up and use them, not just the Elementalist.

On top of all of that, Elementalist have many other utility skills that they can choose from and can have viable builds in both power and condition damage, as well as being excellent supports.

The Elementalist’s class mechanic is Attunements as described above.

The Ranger is the classic Archer/Pet class, but with a twist. The Ranger can be quite effective as a melee combatant, using sword, or greatsword, etc. They are quite versatile and can tame a plethora of pets to fight by their side and come to their aid while they are in trouble.

The Ranger’s Shout skills issue orders directly to their pet sending them to attack an enemy, protect the ranger, guard an area, or even revive a fallen ally. Rangers also have access to traps which they place on the ground, applying conditions to enemies that step into them. Additionally the Ranger can summon Spirits to grant boons to allies or conditions to enemies in an area.

The Ranger’s class mechanic is their pet as mentioned above. The Ranger can swap between two pets like most classes can swap weapons. Each pet also has a unique abilities which can be used by pressing F2.

The Thief is a master of stealth and mobility. The thief has several ranged and melee options when it comes to weapons. Thieves have access to Venom utility skills which allow them to apply the venom to their weapon, causing their next few attacks to apply conditions to the enemy. They also have access to traps and tricks which give them a good deal of mobility while limiting the mobility of their enemy. They also have Deception skills which can blind enemies, break stuns, and apply stealth.

The Thief is excellent at disengaging from combat and can be quite a slippery opponent in PvP.

The Thief’s class mechanic is Steal. By pressing F1 the Thief can shadowstep to an enemy and steal a skill from them, this skill can be used by pressing F2. Once the stolen skill is used it disappears until the Thief steals another skill.

This was just a very brief description of each class to help you get an idea of which one you might like, or which one fits your play style best. Their are several new abilities and specializations for each one of these classes coming in the new expansion that I didn’t get into, as well as a new class coming in the new expansion.

But these are the current classes broken down and simplified to give you a general feel for each.

Once you pick a class that you like, the rest should quickly fall into place.



Someone deserves a gold star for their post. =P


The only class choice that matters is not engineer or ranger…




Agreed. Ignore @senNish. If you want challenging game play ranger is for you.


Do the right thing; roll an Engi :wink:


What is the strongest class thought i kinda like thief and elementalist


No such thing as strongest class imo. It’s all about how you want to play. All classes have their place.


what server should i chose?


Yak’s Bend if you can get on it. If not Emery Bay.


if you let me know your account name i can get you into the guild.


Both of those classes are good choices; I would guess you’d enjoy thief over elementalist, but that’s just a supposition :wink:


X_x hm…everyone playing GW2 is making me want to play it but I know i’d be very behind in content. Ugh the struggle.


The way it’s setup we can come back to help you without making it overly easy and there’s benefit to us as well as level 80’s like getting access to lower level crafting mats we’ve run out of and such :wink: