Dr. Disrespect: Best streamer out there right now


@vocino we talked a bit about this guy last night and since you hadn’t heard of him I figured I would share some here.
This is just some clips from a recent stream that got put into a highlight reel on Youtube.

His twitch channel is www.twitch.tv/drdisrespectlive
I suggest you guys go check him it out.


Best is obviously subjective.

I watch the guy occasionally and also follow him on Twitch. He’s entertaining to me, mostly because the production value of his stream is fantastic. He has put a lot of effort into the Dr. Disrespect character and I also like his on-air replays.

But the guy can be an ass sometimes.


Wow. That was something. Haha


I believe the “Assishness” to be a part of the character. Though it does become a bit dry at times.


I think he’s hilarious and never seems to break character.


I would say wtf is our society coming to but I feel very confident that there was even more crazy shit on tv back in the 70s…