Dragon Age DLC during month of May



Some new DLC is coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition!

First up is Dragonslayer, a free multiplayer pack which adds a new map for hunting dragons. After reading the site it seems there might be some new multiplayer characters as well.

Dragonslayer will be released tomorrow, May 5!

Jaws of Hakkon, already released for PC and XB1 (exclusivity deal with Microsoft), is coming to PS4 on May 26. This will be the first single-player DLC. Looks like this will cost $15.


I wonder how much content is in Jaws of Hakkon. Is it worth the $15 price tag?


Streaming Dragonslayer gameplay


These new Characters look cool…


Zither looks awesome.


I’m really impressed with this. The levels have a lot going on in them, completely new character classes not found anywhere else… wow. This is almost worth coming back. I was getting worried the MP was abandoned on the developer side.


This Dragon fight reminds me of a freaking Raid… It’s not just a stand at it’s feet and hit it, you actually have to use mechanics like a trebuchet.


Adding Isabella as a multiplayer character is neat, since she was a companion in DA2. I reinstalled my DA:I last night. Guess I have another game to squeeze into my schedule.


Seems you have to craft an item (Dragon’s Call?) before going into the new map. This allows you to fight the dragon at the end.

If you do not have the crafted item with you, then you play a “traditional” wave 5 at the end with lots of bad guys coming at you. While the dragon flies overhead and shoots fireballs at you.


How do you embed these?


I use the “upload” option at the top of the reply box.


Thank you much


How do you craft the “dragon’s call”?


Nevermind, you just go to weapon crafting and make the item, then take it with you into the fereldan map, then use on a gong in zone 3, then you’re good to go to fight the dragon in zone 5. Using on the gong, consumes the dragon’s call item.