Dragon Age: Inquisition (an introduction)



#Welcome, Heralds of Andraste!

Strats is a mature-minded, strategically-oriented group looking to have fun in our favorite games. Our members enjoy sharing their experiences in the world of Thedas, giving insight and opinions into the game’s many aspects, and gathering together in Multiplayer to aid in the Inquisition!


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##I’m new here, what should I do?

  1. Read the Strats Introduction post.
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##Show us your Inquisitor in Dragon Age
Post a picture of what your character looks like in this post!

##Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer
Learn about how Multiplayer works in DA:I with this primer.
Our members are willing to participate in Multiplayer, so make sure to make a post about when you’ll be willing to play and on what platforms.

##Thoughts on the Campaign and beyond
Tell us what you think about Dragon Age: Inquisition as you play. (but keep it spoiler free! at least in that thread…)
Having trouble with a quest or boss? Put your questions in this post!
Make sure to hide spoiler info using the [spoiler] ... [/spoiler] tags, like this: He is dead the whole time.



Awesome intro, been meaning to get my Inquisitor pic up. Think I have a picture taken, but never uploaded it, haha.

You’ve been doing great with pumping out all this DA information @PittInjury, keep it up!