Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer!

My recent Evolve thread didn’t garner as much feedback as I had hoped so I will try with another game.

I am having to accept the realization that traditional MMOing is likely over for me. I just don’t have the time for 2-3+ hour sessions anymore. I’m having a hard enough time in Destiny. So I’m looking into co-op based games.

I was surprised to learn today that the new Dragon Age coming out in November will have a 4-player co-op mode. This sounds great to me. Now I just have to decide if I want it on PC or PS4.

Anyone else interested in Dragon Age?


Wait, what!? This has 4 player co-op!?

I already have my pre-order on PS4, but hells ya I’m in for this!

I don’t know if I’m going to get it. I’m still sceptical because of Dragon age two. It’s a shame because the first one was amazing. I might get it if people are interested.

I’m always interested in Dragon Age, but BioWare has another game that I’m even more interested in.
Shadow Realms, looks pretty good, and also has an interesting multiplayer aspect.


I haven’t heard of Shadow Realms yet. What’s it about?

Edit: Read into it a bit, looks interesting, but still need to read more about it. Sounds like it’s a bit away from release though, so Inquisition may still be a solid choice to tie you over.

It’s kind of like Fantasy set in Modern times. So like Wizards with guns fighting goblins in the streets and high rises of a city.

The most interesting aspect to me though is they have a 4 v 1 multiplayer mode where 4 players on their characters fight against 1 player (Called like a shadowlord or something) who basically controls the enemy forces that attack the 4 players.

If you want to read more about it and/or sign up for the alpha you can go here.


@Wayward - Thanks for the info. It sounds interesting, and I’ll certainly keep tabs on the game. Reading about it, it does now sound vaguely familiar.

I will probably be owning it at some point. More than likely for PC.


I’m interested in Inquisition. After 2 being panned by everyone, I think they worked hard to make Inquisition on the same level as the original. I loved the original so damn much… I really hope they pull it off. It’s going to be my risky buy of the fall.


I never played the 2nd one. I really liked Origins. My only complaint was having to take a 2nd class; it kinda ruined my immersion in the game. Maybe I’m a purist like that. But the concept of 4-player co-op really has me interested in this game.

I’m still undecided if I should go with PC or PS4. I started playing Destiny again this morning after taking a week off; I’m getting destroyed in Crucible (not that I was all that great initially). Not sure if everyone’s skill increased that much or I lost what little I had but it’s terribad in there. Perhaps I’m just not cut out for consoles anymore.

I thought they did a real good job with the classes in Origins. I played as a warrior and I honestly felt like a real sword and board warrior in it. Some games really don’t give enough love to the sword and shield choices.

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I agree about feeling like a shield fighter. I enjoy playing games that makes the shield feel like an actual weapon, rather than something hanging on my arm.

I enjoy playing the Gladiator in FF14 just to watch Shield Lob sometimes.

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…gets wallet


:stuck_out_tongue: I did not say, “Zomg must ownz it now!” I said maybe. At some point. Calm your face (and wallet). :wink:


Depending upon reviews and gameplay, I will be getting this for PS4. I already have a close friend that wants to get it who also largely influences a lot of my game buying decisions

Just finished watching Bioware’s multiplayer presentation on Twitch. I think I’m happy with what they have created and it looks like something I will really enjoy. I think this game will be a purchase for me instead of GTA5.

The multiplayer looks like a nice 20-minute or so dungeon session. They said there is no actual healing class; you are allowed to bring 2 healing potions and there are cauldrons to refill the group’s health once you finish each major area of the dungeon. There are support roles (mages that can shield, warriors blocking) and you gain XP for doing support-type things.

They never answered any questions as to how they intend to support multiplayer long-term, but they did say that there would be weekend challenges similar to Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

I will likely be getting this for PS4.


Saw a few minutes of that stream, seemed very promising. Looks like they are working very hard to prove that a lesson was learned from DA2. Good break down on the multiplayer @teh_ninjaneer … being at work I didn’t get to listen to it real well.

I’ll be getting it for PS4 sometimes around launch day.

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Several viewers commented this is how TESO should have been and maybe they are right. I might enjoy TESO more when it comes to consoles in 2018.

There will be 12 multiplayer characters/classes at launch (4 for each base class war/rogue/mage). You start with 1 from each base and gain the others by crafting their class armor. Each class has 2 skill trees I think. They showed the Keeper (starter mage) and she had DPS and support trees. Lots of lightning and the shields. The shield was an AoE.

They did say that bringing a balanced party is good since there are secret doors and walls that can only be opened by a certain base class.

All looted gold is shared by the party.

I approve of all these things.




I have this pre ordered and have high hopes for the game

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