Dragon Age Patch 5 Beta

Although this is a PC beta patch, this is good news to see what sort of stuff they’re working on for future updates.


I BADLY need to put time aside to play through this. I started it and made it to 7 before the holidays but go distracted and well need to restart my game and experience this game.

I’ve put about 50 hours into the game and have yet to beat it. Well worth the time to play through it, I just need to sit down and keep pushing through, lol.

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Oh wow the Black Emporium actually sounds cool

DA:I is a great game!

I’m on my second play-through (the first one I streamed + my second I’m going through it offline,) and I’ve already sank 80+ hours into it, easy.

Definitely should, I did 2 playthrough and got the Platinum trophy, amazing game and story, well worth the time.

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Ya, that part sounded awesome. I’m also excited for the extra storage space.

I’m pretty excited to see how the beta ends up doing on PC and hopefully we see this get pushed out in the coming weeks.

I put more than 100 hours into it. Well worth it, it’s a great game.

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Ooh I am excited.

Guess that means I am going to have to put a few hours to the side for it until I play through!