Dragon Age Question On Campaign

So my biggest issue so far keeping my interest is that I am constantly entering areas that are too strong. I get annoyed and tend to go back to Destiny. I know that some times at the war table it will tell you what level you should be but out and about I have not found anything. Am I missing something? Do any of you “experts” in DA have any useful tips?

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Try different areas. Like all of them lol, branch out.

You mentioned the War Table. That is key to helping you expand The Inquisition, open new areas on the map, generate gold + materials, etc. A lot of side missions + opportunities in different areas of the map will help you level up and gain ‘Influence’ as well.

Ya I have opened up a bunch of areas. I would just like the ability to have some sort of path so I do not keep running into rifts that destroy me instantly. Maybe much of my issue is I like to feel like I have cleared an area and without knowing what levels are in which areas I am always leaving to go somewhere else essentially feeling like I am not progressing much

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@spredhed: Ooooh, I see. Sometimes it’s that way! I know I’ve gotten rekt MANY a time trying to gain control of certain parts in Crestwood. I got overwhelmed when I entered The Forbidden Oasis for the same reasons.

Honestly, the War Table only tells you what ideal level you should be whenever you’re tackling main storyline missions. Everything else is open season. You won’t get those kind of level guides any other time.

When a Rift is too hard you might have to do a bunch of side missions/quests, gain XP, craft some stronger weapons + come back to try again. (Sidenote: Are you still in Haven?)

I have skyhold

Which areas are you going to, and what level are you, spred? I have the prima guide, so I csn tell you which areas are right for your level.

I am level 12 right now. I have just gone back to the hinterlands and seem to be able to get a lot done there. Just walked up to Redcliff Village now

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Yes some early levels have tough areas where you’ll need to come back later, like Hinterlands and Crestwood for sure. Some time retreat is the better part of valor.

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Well I just found a Dragon in the Hinterlands and after a 20 minute battle I died. It was pretty awesome though.

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So another question. What is the bug ive heard of with a class specialization?

Sorry for the late reply @spredhed

At level 12, you should be looking at Crestwood, and the Beginning areas of The Western Approach and Exalted Plains (probably in that order).