So there’s not much in this game that takes alot of strategy when it comes to single player mode, however there are still times when I have no idea what to do to finish a certain quest or kill a certain mob, mainly a dragon. So that’s what this thread is about, again there will most likely be spoilers so don’t read too much if you don’t want anything ruines, but if you’re stuck on something don’t be afraid to ask!! Or share a neat tidbit you figured out on your own.

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There we go, now we can talk about dragon-killing!

Ok, so I thought I could just roll up in the Hinterlands with like no set up and just bring whoever I wanted, but no, that is NOT the case. I didn’t bring anyone with fire resistance, and I didn’t respec my mages to do ice damage. So of course, this is my own fault. (My friend was having similar trouble, but he’s still on the fact that you can’t heal… anyway) I think its also difficult bc you really have to manage your companions via tactical mode, or else they will right straight into the fire and die…

I will have to return when I’m not being a noob…

Also, I really liked the goat thing you mentioned, but I haven’t done the ashes thing yet, so I think I have to do more companion quests…

This may help:



Haha the ashes is from the Orlesian court storyline quest, costs 30 power to start for levels 12 to 15. And yeah I tried brute force the first few times with the dragon but it is more tactical, however I did not have to use tactical mode too much, I’m planning on writing up a whole "how I killed this bitch* guide in a bit, it will be very lengthy and as in depth and descriptive as I can get from memory and on my phone lol

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That’s awesome thanks! But I plan to write an entire how to for a dragon fight lol…

Thanks @Vocino! I was trying to remember how to do this. Its a good feature for future conversations on this post.


Ok so this is most likely gonna be a pretty lengthy read, but this is my lil guide on how to beat the Hinterlands dragon. I may miss a few details/names since I am on my phone at work and going off of pure memory. I will explain the fight first and then go over what combination of characters I used and things like that.


So to start with, where is this big sob at!? When you look at the Hinterlands map at the northeast part of it there is a camp you can set up, if you’ve already done so then just fast travel to it, if not its still on the map just find your way up to it. Once there just head north and you will come to a wooded area with a big rock tower like thing in the middle, and there will be dragonlings all around, and you will see the Hinterlands Dragon flying around. Don’t stop… I run to the left and go straight across to the next area, if you take your time killing the dragonlings you will just be wasting time, plus the Hinterlands Dragon will just fly around shooting fireballs at you, so easiest thing is to just run through to the next area and it forces the dragon to go land.

Now once the dragon has landed, is when the fun begins. Now this second area is a wide open circular area with 3 raised areas that come into play later, there are 2 shmedium sized platforms on the east and west side and one large "platform to the north (compass I’m using is north being straight when you walk in). The dragon lands somewhat in the middle of this “coliseum” what you need to do is run right up to him and basically just start going at him from one of his sides. So time to go into the phases.

Phase 1

This phase starts as soon as you enter the coliseum, so like I said you should rush right into fighting him, next to him and here’s why… if you try to range him all he’s gonna do is start shooting fireballs at you which hurt, and even worse leave a burning aoe on the ground for a good while. (If he shoots a fireball at you you can outrun it or even jump over it it’s jus the aoe that’s annoying). Another reason why you want to stick close to him is he sometimes starts flapping his wings and it brings everybody who isn’t inside a circle around him (you will see it, it looks bad but it’s not) closer into him, doing more damage the further you are it seems. And as well if everyone’s together it’s easier for the mages to put barrier on everybody. Now you’re in close bashing this Dragons legs, good now right? Eh, kinda. So at times you will see him look to one of the sides and pick up a leg/ wind his tail up, not a big deal if you get hit but you have a few seconds to kinda move outta the way and not get hit. If you’re in front of him… he’s a dragon… he breathes fire… burn baby burn! He also sometimes jumps around so you’ll just have to move with him, and make sure you use tactical fighting to tell your ranged to move close again as well. So phase 1 is pretty much stabby stab and try not to get hit.

Phase 2

After you do a good amount of damage to the Dragon he gets fed up and starts flying around, so what do you do? Run. Just keep running around because he will be shooting fireballs at you, after a few passes he’ll land on the east (right) side platform and start shooting fireballs at you again. Sooo keep running right? I mean sure you could orrrr you could make it easy and just run underneath the platform he’s on and wait for him to jump down then it’s stabby stab stab time again!

Phases 3 & 4

So phase 3 is the same as phase 1 so just gonna combine it with phase 4. Just like before stick close and just go at him, doesn’t matter whether you attack the legs or the head, it’s a shared hp. After you do enough damage to him, once again he’s gonna take flight, just run around again, do a few passes in the sky and then land, this time on the west (left) platform. Now again you can hide under the platform he’s on, however this time there will be dragonlings that spspawn from the east (right) platform, should be 3 or 4, pretty easy to kill just focus them down and stay under the platform. After a bit the Dragon will jump back into the middle.

Phases 5 & 6

So to repeat myself, again, once he lands get in close and just start annihilating him once more, the only thing different this time is that there will be some dragonlings that spawn WHILE you fight the main Dragon so you have to do a bit of crowd control and focus fire the adds down, because they do hurt a bit, this is really the only time I used the tactical fighting, after you get his health down a good amount, once again he will take off, run around while he does his fly-by fireballs and now he will land on the north platform, this one has a trail up to it, and thats where he will stay for the rest of the fight, once he lands up there you will have 4 - 8 dragonlings spawn from both the east and west platforms (half from one half from the other side), now at this point most likely your team will most likely head up to fight the main Dragon, what you wanna do is use the tactical fighting to keep them with you and kill the dragonlings before heading up the slope and facing the Dragon for the last lil bit.

Last Phase

Now when you run up DON’T STOP CLOSE TO THE TOP. Just run right up to the boss or he will shoot a crapton of fireballs and seriously hurt or kill you and cut you off from him. Up on that platform there’s a lil bit of room to move around but you won’t need it just stick with the stick close to him and keep hitting him, and that’s how it will go until he’s dead, all in all its a lot of rinse and repeat mechanics!.


Now to get into all the details of the team and the Dragon and some tips that I have. The Dragon is a lvl 12 (I beat him at 10 or 11) and he is a fire dragon so weak against ice attacks. The team I ran with was Me (archer), Cassandra, Solas, and Vivienne. Reason I ran with 2 mages, first because of the double barrier is immensely useful, and second is that Vivienne is an ice mage. Since Vivienne was the most useful I played as her the entire fight. I had tried using Cole a few times but he just seemed to die too much and wasn’t putting out alot of damage. For potions I had everyone with the 8 health potions, of course, and then the 5 regeneration potions. Now here are my tips, if your have the Jar of Bees bomb and the Healing Tonic bomb I would use them. Put the Jar of Bees bomb on the character you are going to be playing most of the fight, it actually does a decent amount of extra damage which is always helpful, and the Healing Tonic onto your mage, just be aware you have to make him throw it he won’t do it himself.


Well ladies and gents that is all I can remember at this time, if anything else comes to mind I’ll add it, I welcome any criticism, or reminders of things I forgot. Feel free to ask questions as well, sorry it was so long!


@PittInjury hope that helps haha

Holy wall of text. You need some headings or something in there. :smile:

I can’t do it on my phone lol!!

Gotcha :wink:

Oh yeah. I added some for you. You can actually do it on your phone though, it uses Markdown syntax. I won’t hijack this thread to tell you about it but you can look it up if you want.

Love you guys, but you forgot Phases 3 & 4 paragraph lol

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I’ll check it out thanks man

Sorry. We did the same thing at the same time. lol

Thanks @DrizztDo_Urden69! This will be really useful when I attempt it again! It makes it even better to know that you had to type this all on your phone…

@PittInjury anytime man glad to help, and yeah took me about an hour lol, only cuz I was doing stuff at work as well

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Pwease help meh, so I’m feeling like I’m nearing the end of the storyline on my current save (I could be wrong) and I’m wanting to start a nightmare save (for trophies of course) my current save is with a rogue archer and I’m trying to decide whether to go warrior or mage for my nightmare mode, any suggestions?

That one guy soloed nightmare with an archer I think?

Anyway, I may be biased, but I think you should run a mage so you can roll with doble barrier etc. Thats my opinion on it. I also think you should play characters you havent used yet for story purposes, but again, thats just me.

So I went for it a picked up Dragon Age. I’m rolling a tank main as I figured that might be a decent strategy.