Driveclub club car



Don’t think anyone here plays Driveclub (haven’t seen anyone), but I’ve been toying with the idea of picking it up.

Ended up getting it the other night and it seems like a solid game. I know it’s been plagued with issues in the past due to the whole PS+ debacle and the online issues, but I think most of that has been resolved. There seems to be a ton of content for it as well.

Anyways, ended up making a STRATS Club and designed the club logo for the car. Hard to do with the limited emblems I have unlocked right now, but here’s what it looks like:


I really miss driving games. I might pick this up if the mood strikes me this weekend.


everything i have heard about this game is the bad things that probably overshadowed the good at the time. I dont know much about it past launch issues.


Is this the game where you can essentially drive across the country?


no…that is The Crew


I might scoop this up today! I love a good driving game.

That car is sweeeet!


I have wanted this game since launch. The only reason I haven’t picked it up yet is because I keep feeling like it’ll be free for plus (and it hasn’t gone on sale yet). I’ll get it at some point for sure, probably when I get back to the states.


Ya as @droul said that’s The Crew.

This is a mixture between a Sim / Arcade racing game.


How are you liking it so far @NVS_1? have they smoothed out all the problems they had at launch?


I’m enjoying it. I’ve had no issues with any of the content so far, althoug my multiplayer experience is pretty limited. Past month or so on Reddit whenever Driveclub comes up, it appears that anyone who has purchased it has loved it. Only ppl that are sour towards it are ones that don’t have it and were expecting it with PS+.

I’m sure it’ll come to PS+ eventually, but that issue aside, it’s a great racing game.


I will have to check it out then. I love me some driving games :smile:


@NVS_1 Have you played Forza Horizon 1 or 2? If so, how does it compare?


No, I haven’t played any Forza games unfortunately. I’ve heard that ultimately Forza is still the better racer, but don’t have any personal experience.